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Decided to check who was linking to me…

There’s a class at Cal State blogging the same congressional race as I am??? How did I miss this in my obsessive Technorati / Feedster searching? Here’s my favorite post:

Quick note about Cynthia Matthews victory…

Don’t feel obligated to change your papers that were written assuming a Warner victory. From an educational standpoint, the exercise is still useful (even if Warner is not going to be the actual nominee).

As for why this happened, we’ll have to talk about this in class briefly on Thursday, before the final.

Surprises are always fun in politics.

Keeps it interesting.

-Prof. Dark

Alas, the same could be said about my blog, but I didn’t get to talk about it with anyone in class on Thursday (on Thursday, I read more papers about WDM). Prof. Dark has linked to my none too comprehensive attempt at a post mortem and speculation about a push poll. Any other thoughts, class?

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  1. […] And I thought I was alone. Turns out there’s yet another blog covering the race in CA-26: In 2004, Dreier outspent Matthews 50 to 1 yet received the lowest percentage of the vote during any of his elections since 1980. 2006 is the year to remove him from Congress. Click here, here and here to remind yourself of some of the reasons David Dreier must go. […]

    Comment by Seth in CA (for the summer) » Another blog covering this race — June 11, 2006 #

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