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$40k Push Poll?

So far, this is the most intriguing of answers to my question about how the Warner campaign lost it. I wonder where I can get another source on this (from the comments on my MyDD diary):

Wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t heard it myself, but Wes Clark – here in Vegas for the YearlyKos – claimed that Dreier put $40K into a last minute push poll to eliminate Warner

Not terribly surprised if it is true. Matthews is about as an inept as they come. I know quite a few Dems who held their nose and voted for Dreier after hearing the hate she spewed on John and Ken in 2004.

by Estlin on Fri Jun 09, 2006 at 03:16:02 AM EST

(Emphasis added.) How detailed are campaign finance records? Would $40,000 show up as an expenditure if they’re following the rules?


  1. Someone should keep investigating this. There were a number of rumors and claims about this poll happening a day or two before the election. Questions were asked like, What would your opinion of Warner be if you knew he supported the war? or What would your opinion be if you knew Warner’s son killed civilians in Iraq? These questions are untrue, baseless and have no validity. They were ment as direct attacks on Warner and his family. Clearly Dreier saw Warner as the big threat and wanted to take him out as fast as he could and spent a lot of money to do so. Keep digging, goodluck.

    Comment by Polo — June 9, 2006 #

  2. […] Alas, the same could be said about my blog, but I don’t get to talk about it with anyone in class on Thursday (on Thursday, I read more papers about WDM). Prof. Dark has linked to my none too comprehensive attempt at a post mortem and speculation about a push poll. Any other thoughts, class? […]

    Comment by Seth in CA (for the summer) » Decided to check who was linking to me… — June 10, 2006 #

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