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Post mortem?

There’s a few comments below lamenting Warner’s defeat. Does anyone have insight into what happened with the campaign? I’m reluctant to try to do a post mortem right now considering how far off I was (just scroll down and you’ll see). Maybe this will be a much more personal blog after all.
Posting this for posterity:


“First, I would like to thank all of my supporters who worked so hard in this campaign. We kept it positive and focused on the issues. I learned a lot during this election, and I am looking forward to 2008.

I remain committed to taking back the House this year. I have faith that we can do it, and I will be dedicated to supporting those Democrats who can win in November.

Over the next few days, my family and I will take some time to rest, reflect and regroup. Then, it’s time to get busy again. I hope the great group of volunteers who worked with me on my campaign will stay committed and have faith. Together, we can work together for change.”

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  1. […] Alas, the same could be said about my blog, but I didn’t get to talk about it with anyone in class on Thursday (on Thursday, I read more papers about WDM). Prof. Dark has linked to my none too comprehensive attempt at a post mortem and speculation about a push poll. Any other thoughts, class? […]

    Comment by Seth in CA (for the summer) » Decided to check who was linking to me… — June 10, 2006 #

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