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The General puts out the call

A SethInCA exclusive (?): listen to Gen. Wesley Clark’s recorded message on behalf of Russ Warner!

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RANCHO CUCAMONGA – ­JUNE 5, 2006 ­ Retired General Wesley Clark urged voters in the 26th district to get out and vote in Tuesday¹s primary election and to cast their ballots for Russ Warner for U.S. Congress.

In a recorded message that went out Monday afternoon to more than 70,000 voters in the 26th Congressional district, which extends from Rancho Cucamonga to La Crescenta, Clark says:

“Hello this is General Wesley Clark, and I am calling to urge you to vote in your primary election and to vote for Russ Warner for Congress. As Democrats, we need to pull together to prove that Democrats can be a full service party. Russ Warner has the courage and vision to make a difference for us in Washington. He is just the kind of leader Californians deserve to have on Capitol Hill. So, please take the time to vote tomorrow and vote for Russ Warner for Congress. This is General Wesley Clark, thanks for listening and please vote and vote for Russ Warner.”

Warner, a small businessman from Rancho Cucamonga, visited senior centers throughout the district and made telephone calls from his campaign headquarters the day before the election. On election day, Warner and his supporters planned to contact voters in a final push to get out the vote.

“I am going to continue to work hard to earn every vote, and I won’t rest until the polls close at 8 p.m.,” said Warner, who is endorsed by the California Democratic Party, political leaders, teachers, firefighters, labor and community activists, who are all supporting his efforts to topple 13-term incumbent David Dreier.

Warner has lived in Rancho Cucamonga for 26 years along with his wife, Kris, and their three sons. In announcing his candidacy in November, Warner said he will work hard for America’s families by protecting the middle class, promoting small business as the foundation of the new American economy and supporting our troops and honoring our veterans. He welcomed the challenge to run for Congress at the urging of his son, Greg, who served in Iraq for 17 months and will attend West Point later this month.

There are early indications that the Warner-Dreier race will be the one to watch following the June primary. Dreier has spent more than half a million on the race, is posting election signs and mailing to voters, moves he rarely makes this early in an election cycle.

Warner is conducting the most aggressive race launched by a Democrat running against Dreier in recent history. Along with direct mail and campaign signs, Warner is building a cadre of volunteers, who have been making telephone calls and walking door-to-door for several months. In March, Warner opened a campaign headquarters located at 10064 Foothill Boulevard, between Haven and Archibald, in Rancho Cucamonga.

For more information, please visit the website at or call 909.837.9474.


  1. […] A week ago, I wrote a diary here asking for suggestions for starting a new blog to cover the race in CA-26. Two nights ago, I watched and reloaded, slightly disbelieving the preliminary results in the Democratic primary in CA-26, David Dreier (R-Closet)’s district. Russ Warner, endorsed by Gen. Wesley Clark, ran on a moderate platform of “protecting the middle class, promoting small business, and supporting our troops, honoring our veterans.” Clark came to the district, raised money for Warner, and even recorded a robocall for him. Warner was supposed to be the best chance in awhile to defeat Dreier, a tough prospect considering Dreier’s power as Rules Committee chairman and the Republican registration advantage in the district (46% R to 35% D). […]

    Comment by Seth in CA (for the summer) » CA-26: An Election Day Mystery — June 8, 2006 #

  2. […] The long version: Two weeks ago, Cynthia Rodriguez Matthews pulled a major upset and won the Democratic nomination for Congress in the 26th District of California. Her primary opponent and the assumed favorite of the race was Russ Warner, who had made a decent show of fundraising and received the endorsement of Gen. Wesley Clark. But Matthews, who was also the nominee in 2004, pulled an upset and won. […]

    Comment by Seth in CA (for the summer) » A SethInCA Project: Help engage Cynthia Rodriguez Matthews with the Netroots — June 19, 2006 #

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