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The Modern GOP: Complex and Nuanced

Politics sure is complicated:

But some worried that the constitutional victory for Hastert would be a public-relations problem for the rest of them. They fear that the nuances of constitutional principle will mean little to voters who conclude that the GOP, which aims to be the “law-and-order” party, is now on the wrong side of the law by challenging law-enforcement officials pursuing a bribery investigation.

“It’s a challenge” to explain to constituents, said Rep. David Dreier, R-Calif. “People are painting this as members of Congress being above the law.”

They’re right of course. The nuances of constitutional principle sure are hard to comprehend: illegal surveillance of millions of Americans and willful disregard for the law? No problem. Everyone understands that they’re just spying on terrorists. Millions of them. But raiding a crooked Congressman’s office? Why, that violates the most sacred principles of our founding.

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