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Post 6

In society, women are often viewed as inferior. Not just in Eastern societies, but also in Western societies. It is not said, but many aspects of modern culture suggest otherwise. Names of poems, like We Sinful Women, cater to the perception most have of women. Sin. Desire. Lust. Temptress. All are words associated with women. Women are expected to be silent. Women are expected to stand back. Women are expected to be veiled. Women are expected to be submissive. Women are expected to conform. But women are more than that.

We may be silent, but we have a voice. We may stand back, but we have the power to lead. We may be veiled, but we can see the whole world. We may be physically submissive, but we will never surrender our thoughts and opinions to you. We are expected to conform, but our thoughts may never conform.

This image depicts a veiled woman, with the world in her eyes. Behind her is a black screen, emerging from it a whirlwind of dark colors. This symbolizes how women are constantly forced to emerge from a world of cacophony and turmoil. They are perceived to wear a veil of innocence, a façade of ignorance. However, we women are not as ignorant as we seem. We see the whole world; we witness its happenings. We have our own thoughts, aims, and desires.

When we see the image, we are drawn into her eyes. Her beautiful stark different eyes. The only real burst of color in the image. From a distance, they look blue. Sharp, alluring, and blue. However, when we move in closer, we see the green contours that define the different boundaries of land on our planet. In a way, this symbolizes how from a distance we see the whole—since the ocean is the only aspect of the world that is shared by all people. As we move in closer, we can distinguish different countries and continents and determine the differences between them. We can see the differences that stem from the similarities. This shows how even though all women seem the same, we are still very different from each other.


November 12th, 2014 at 5:09 AM