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How Do You Like Them Apples?

On a fun note, last weekend several HGSE students boarded two yellow school buses (yes actual school buses, in the rain, on a Saturday MORNING) and headed to the beautiful town of Stow 21 miles west of Boston to go apple picking at Honey Pot Orchards. The drive up is beautiful particularly with the changing New England fall landscape that combines quaint villages of stores and homes and country roads speckled with a mishmash of yellow, orange, and red leaves. Making the most of an Indian Summer in New England with a traditional activity, we embraced the rain and picked apples to our hearts’ content: Macoun, Honeycrisp, and Crispin.

There was also a pumpkin patch, pond, and a small animal farm on the property. A hayride or short walk through the orchard will get you to the farm store where you can nosh on apple cider donuts, cider, and coffee, as well as pick up some goodies to take home (apple pie or pumpkin butter anyone?). Given the soggy conditions, there were not many indoor seating options which was a bit tough to swallow along with the luke warm coffee, but the trip was nonetheless a big success, as I walked away with a bag full of fresh apples, some incredible photos, and a sense of pride in taking in some local New England culture.

I also purchased a bag of cider apple donuts…they’re gone now. I didn’t share. I’m not proud.

apple picking me in tree    stow yellow umbrella

Stow fall landscape

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  1. Merisenda Bills

    October 18, 2014 @ 2:06 am


    I finished all my apples already. Is it just me or were they way tastier than store bought ones? Or maybe the fact that I picked them myself made them seem more magical.

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