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Library News & Notes 11/13/09


Rowland Institute at Harvard
Library News & Notes
November 13, 2009

“A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere” – Groucho Marx
(Source: Cassandra Eckhof)

Internet Sites of the Week


Hate reading text online? There IS a better way…

How to Purchase Books Online for Less
(Source: hrouda)

Kindle readers beware – big Amazon is watching you read 1984
(Source: Liz Bryson)

Publishers and Booksellers Rally to Support eBooks and eReaders
(Source: Peter Scott)

Push-Button Books

The Second Generation of e-Book Readers is on the Way
(Source: Library Web)

Computers and Internet

The Age of the Informavore
(Source: Liz Bryson)

Clicker launches for all–watch it
Online video and TV directory
(Source: raduboncea)

Copyright overreach takes a world tour
(Source: lapsedluddite)
See also: A Call for Copyright Rebellion

Google Dashboard: Its unintended uses (and abuses)

Google: Free Wifi at Logan, other airports

Google Wave: Better than Twitter for Conference Chatter?
(Sources: Library Web; Ellyssa Kroski)
See also: Uncovering the meaning of Google Wave for publishers
(Source: TheOccasional)

A glut of Google can give you a virtual fever

Harvard’s Web Ecology Project
Part 1 and Part 2
(Source: BoraZ)

How to Read 622 RSS Feeds

It’s All Semantics: Searching for an Intuitive Internet That Knows What Is Said–And Meant
See also: The Rapid Evolution of Search
(Source: asu132

“Experience magazines online”
(Source: Bernie Sloan)

Marissa Mayer: The Visionary
(Source: NYT Technology Journalists)

Open and Save DOCX Files Without an Upgrade

QOTD: protocol-based time travel for the web

Rev The Engines: Bing Video Pulls In Hulu And YouTube

U.S. to speed up broadband plan

Where Are the Mile-High Hookups?

Wikipedia Bookshelf Project
(Source: Peter Scott)
See also: Wikipedia: How Accurate Is It?
See also: Edit This Page: Is it the end of Wikipedia?
(Source: Colleen McCaffrey)


In Case You Didn’t Know: Harvard Is In A Lot Of Movies

Queer Artist Speaks at Women’s Center


Bookless Libraries?

Bubbles, Panics & Crashes: A Century of Financial Crises, 1830s – 1930s
(Source: Laura Linard)

Climbing out of the “Ivory Tower”
(Source: Peter Scott)

How to be a person: Tips and tricks for virtual reference
(Source: Peter Scott)

In Face of Professors’ ‘Fury,’ Syracuse U. Library Will Keep Books on Shelves

Librarians and the Future of Work

Libraries and the future of search
(Source: Jacqueline Snider)

Libraries check out the eBook
(Source: ResourceShelf)

The Ripple Effect: Part 1 Extending the library’s reach
(Source: Peter Scott)

Rise Of The Web Librarian: An Elegant DMOZ Solution
(Source: Pandia Search World)

Support for the Research Process: An Academic Library Manifesto

(Source: Peter Scott)

University Libraries’ report issued

Report of the Task Force on University Libraries
(Source: Steven Hyman)

Web 2.0, Marketing and Libraries
See also: Web 2.0 and Libraries

Life, Family, Work and Money

Everyday Creativity

How to invest your 401(k)
See also: A 401k No-No

How to Write a Mission Statement that Isn’t Dumb
(Source: The 99 Percent

Over 50, and zero job offers
See also: Dealing with Age as an Older Job-Hunter

The Secret to Learning is Unlearning
(Source: Lone Wolf Librarian )

Self-Employed Retirement Magic

Top 10 Clever Fixes for Your Broken Stuff
(Source: Beyond the Black Stump)

Scholarly Publishing

European University Presses Fold, Consolidate in Economic Downturn
(Source: Michelle Pearse)

If It’s Broke, Fix It

Is Peer Review Broken?
(Source: Theo Bloom

Learning to share
(Source: Stevan Harnad)

Open Access Memberships: Are Libraries Paying Too Much?
(Source: Open Access Tracking Project

University Public-Access Mandates Are Good for Science

Science and Technology

Adding a Sixth Sense to Your Cellphone

Bad Decisions May Be Contagious

Cell size and scale
(Source: Boing Boing)

Choose From the Latest Sound Systems

Discovery launches science news Web site

A Dream Interpretation: Tuneups for the Brain

Emotions Influence Perception of Pain
(Source: psychcentral)

Federated Search – Don’t Get Caught Taking the Narrow View of What is Possible

info on cellular reception in different US locales
(Source: beSpacific)

A Laboratory for Mixing Art and Science

LED Galaxy Dress: The World’s Largest Wearable LED Display

Mimicking the building prowess of nature

New report calls for family-friendly policies in science

Preparing for Behavioral Interviews

Pushing light beyond its known limits
(Source: lsmarshall)

Radio Stories Feature Women with Disabilities in Science

Ranking scientists

The Science Behind ‘Stop Me If I’ve Told You This’

A Scientist’s Guide to Academic Etiquette

Sheila Widnall

Should you buy refurbished electronics?

Strength in science collaboration

Sympathy tips for Physicists

Tactics for Successful Grant Writing

Time to take gene therapy seriously

Want a Solution? Try Offering a Prize
(Source: Science in the News), the unique international platform for holding electronic conferences for scholars
(Source: Open Access Tracking Project)

Social Networks

How Twitter is Changing the Face of Media
(Source: libraryfuture)

I’m Innocent. Just Check My Status on Facebook

Social Networking and the New Me
(Source: Sharon Hayes)

(Source: Beyond the Black Stump

Twitter links to LinkedIn

How to make business travel manageable

New Books
Received November 7 – 13, 2009

Geometry of Quantum States
Bengtsson, Ingmar and Karol Zyckowski
(Cambridge, 2006)
QC 174.12 .B453 2006
Requested by M. Burns

ACS offers RSS


The American Chemical Society now offers RSS feeds for its entire roster of journals. 

Overview of RSS search tools


This page by Chris Sherman of Search Engine Watch reviews several
services that search RSS feeds.  (Source: The Virtual Chase)

Blog about interesting uses of RSS in libraries


From Tufts University comes a blog that highlights interesting uses of
RSS in libraries.  For example, some libraries include RSS updates
to their subject guides, canning the RSS feed from PhysicsWeb or BioMed
Central or another source.  A useful blog.  (Source: Neat New
Stuff on the Net)

Compilation of links to RSS feeds for scientific publications


Pito Salas has put together a list of links for science journal RSS
feeds, including a link to University of Saskatchewan’s impressive
alphabetical listing.  (source: Pito Salas)

Guide to webfeeds


Teri Vogel of UCSD has a very thorough presentation on feeds.  She
eschews the names “RSS” and “Atom” for the term “webfeeds,” advocating
function over “techspeak.” Her slides demonstrate the range of
applications for feeds, including journals, journal searches, new book
lists, catalog searches, and many others.  (Source: Peter Scott’s
Library Blog)

On integrating RSS feeds into library web pages


A set of slides from Darlene Fichter, University of Saskatchewan.  (Source: beSpacific)

Federal legislative tracker

1 is a utility that enables one to follow a piece of federal
legislation via RSS.  (source: Internet Legal Research Weekly)

Science magazine RSS feeds


Science magazine features RSS feeds for its weekly table-of-contents
and other material such as its ScienceNOW news service and Signal
Transduction Knowledge Environment (STKE.)  (Source: beSpacific)

Library listings of journals with RSS feeds


The University of Saskatchewan libraries have compiled an impressive
electronic journals page which features an alphabetical listing of
journals that feature RSS feeds.  (Source: blogwithoutalibrary)

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