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No Kittens Here

I’m not having kittens, but I do have news. Today I received two emails congratulating me on my acceptance to a master’s degree program in a funny, interdisciplinary study called Critical and Creative Thinking. [I’ve mentioned it before.] But now I know for certain that I’ll be starting school again in the fall. Luckily, the designers know that many of their students are teachers and professionals themselves, and, very considerately, schedule all their classes in the afternoon and evening. This way my school doesn’t compete with my work.

And on the job front, things are fine. I’ve really integrated into my office. Tomorrow I’m co-running an orientation for my team. While I hate to use it, I must say that I make a mighty fine Power Point presentation.

Today I took a three-hour lunch break to attend the Leverett House graduation ceremonies. My friend Eda’s family wasn’t able to make the trip so a few of us put up congratulatory signs on each of the buildings while she and the rest of the graduates were off at the morning ceremonies in the Yard. When she came back I was ready with a very nice boquet of roses—there are, and there were some today, ugly boquets of roses, you know. My former roommate of four years didn’t cut me a deal when I picked them up at the florist shop he works at in the Square. After all the speeches and processions, I treated Eda to lunch at Cambridge One, which is a hip beer-and-wine sports bar. We had great beer and wine, a tasty salad, and satisfying pizza. Cambridge One specializes in gourmet pizza. Two hours later, it was time to go back to work.

This Sunday I move back to Cambridge to live at Currier House, in the Radcliffe Quad. Lately, I’ve been dreaming of owning a condo. Here‘s a semi-affordable one on the developing sea front property, which is secretly a fancy way of saying Dorchester, that I’m considering.


So I think I have a job. Its in Strafford, so its close to home, thats good. All I would be doing is watching dogs for a “doggy daycare”, tons of fun. Although it is commission work, so it depends on how many dogs are in that day. 4 days a week, 10-1 i think. but it sounds like a great job considering I would do something like this for free! lol! I really dont have any thing to do over the summer anyway.

so many stories…

DC brings too many stories for me to repeat. i ran out of money on the last day, and didnt even have enough to ride the metro! lol! luckily i found a dollar on the ground right before we got on the metro, i had just enough change to add to it. then we almost missed out plane because we had no layover and got off the other plane late. we were running through the airport only to find out we had to wait another 30 min because they were running way late also! lol! Kailey and I had a lot of fun posing at the monuments and with cardboard George Washington.

is anyone out there anymore? i do say, it seems that everyone has abandoned me. lol. i could go into some sesquipedalian speaking but that would be too much fun. 🙂 hehe, thats a new word i learned recently and i like to use it when ever i can. however time is slipping by. hannahs baby shower is this friday, and then saturday i am leaving. and i think my cat is due later this month….kittens!!  then in July Hannah is actually going to have her baby, fun times ahead let me tell you what. well, if that isnt a synopsis of this summer i dont know what is! …..if anyone wants to comment me, that would be great. it seems that i am running low in comments everywhere right now. maybe its the summer, everyone has a life except me. lol!

sleepy days…

i just woke up from a rather satisfying nap. we have a very warm, comfy, blanket on the couch, and curling up in it makes it irresistable to fall asleep (especially when you are already slightly tired). rather relaxing day…..i like it…..

An Interview

Today was a very work day. I went in to receive a delivery around noon. Cambridge Lumber sent over the materials—forty sheets of homasote, a fiberous, sound-deadening in panel-form—and only the driver to move it. Luckily I was able to prop open some emergency exits to make the work easier. Since the panels measure 8’x4’x1/2″, it takes two to move them without breaking them. I had to help out, dressed in business attire. Had I worn a tie, I would’ve taken it off.

As soon as I finished and had started on my way to the office, I saw my boss walking up the street toward me. I hadn’t expected him to help, and I hadn’t asked, so it was pleasant and surprising to see him. He apologized for missing the delivery and presented me with a new phone. That’s right: I’m important enough to need a company phone. It’s charging on the sill of a window in the kitchen. The phone says that my SIM card hasn’t been installed—it has—but the prospect of a phone, workable or not, is very exciting.

My boss and I got to spend some time together chatting while we waited for our next meeting with another vendor and contractor. He talked about the bike he bought yesterday, his sister’s immanent marriage, and management change as applied to education. He responded with Jordan’s recent wedding—we agreed that neither of us will be ready to say “I do” anytime soon—math as applied to physics, and teacher education. This provided us some time to bond a little bit. It’s important to build loyalty and informal trust, even in a professional relationship, at least that’s what Richard Sennett says in the book I’m reading: The Culture of the New Capitalism. [My friend Dan knows Sennett; but of course he does: he knows everyone. Nothing I tell him seems to be new.]

After that, I headed to another part of the University for a job interview. [My present job is only a temporary position and terminates promptly on August 9.] Whether I get the job, even to be considered is a big deal for me. My friend, presently a federal law clerk who holds advanced degrees both in the Classics and law, and I realized not too long ago that what we might want to work as Harvard adminstrators. There are, of course, worse fates. It might even land me a new phone.