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Category Archives: David Clark

The Right to Privacy. Again.

Essay by Dembitz A response to John Clippinger’s On Technology, Security, Personhood And Privacy: An Appeal Continue the conversation with Beau Brendler, Michael Barrett, and David Clark. Our identities in the online world are as real and as significant as our identities in the physical world. Our friendships are formed through the personal details we […]

Cybercrime – and what we will have to do if we want to get it under control

Essay By Michael Barrett with companion pieces by Beau Brendler and David Clark. Continue the security conversation with John Clippinger and Dembitz. As I write this, in the spring of 2008, we have recently passed a milestone – on April 22nd, 1993, Mosaic 1.0 was released by the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) . […]

What Would a More Secure Future Look Like?

Essay by David Clark with responses by Beau Brendler and Michael Barrett. Most users of the Internet today would probably say that they are concerned about the state of Internet security. And they would probably be more concerned if they understood the true state of affairs. While many technical improvements have been added to the […]

Malware: The Great Equalizer

Essay by Beau Brendler, a response to David Clark Continue the conversation with Michael Barrett. Eight years ago I spent two-grand-plus on a Sony Vaio laptop when they were still sort of cool. It was kind of a muscle car then, full of multimedia editing software I wanted to make movies with in hopes I’d […]