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Monthly Archives March 2008


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How Does it Work?

We are structuring the Publius forum around about a dozen topics and asking authors to contribute short (500-1000 words) op-ed style pieces. One essay will touch off a discussion of the various forces, actors, and activities that link to form the “rule-making” architecture of the net. Additional authors will then be asked to contribute companion […]

Berkman Center

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Does the Publius project have a stand on how the Net should be governed? No. By gathering experts across multiple dimensions of cyberspace and asking them to identify and reflect on the rolling and diverse constitutional moments of net governance, we hope to reflect a wide range of perspectives on how the Net should—or should […]


This project brings together a distinguished collection of Internet observers, scholars, innovators, entrepreneurs, activists, technologists and still other experts, to write short essays, to foster an on-going public dialogue, and to create a durable record of how the rules of cyberspace are being formed, potentially impacting their future incarnation. We take our inspiration from the […]