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ACICS – The End is a Step Closer

Yesterday, Department of Education analysts released a report recommending that ACICS should lose its status as an accreditor of institutions eligible to receive federal financial aid funding. This report follows upon the heels of strident criticism of ACICS over its failure to take action against its member institutions such as Corinthian Colleges, Inc., which collapsed even though it was fully accredited by ACICS. This blogger has previously described the sham evaluation process that ACICS member institutions undergo to earn and retain accreditation. As the Chronicle suggests, ACICS may sue the government, depending on how the report is acted upon, but the discovery process in any such litigation would reveal that ACICS does not take its responsibility seriously, and that it serves no purpose other than to enable for-profit machines such as Corinthian and others to stay in business, to the benefit of investors and to the detriment of students and taxpayers.

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