Final Presentations

For their final presentations, students gave short artist talks on their final projects in the open space of the Discovery Bar in the Cabot Science Library. Drawing from the poetic labs of the course, students created innovative and exciting projects such as an artist book, poetic website, email fiction, a Venmo game, and a collaborative video-letter project. Special guest artist Matthew Battles author of  Library: An Unquiet History, Trees, and Associate director of metaLAB (at) Harvard provided formal comments, along with Christina Davis of the Woodberry Poetry Room offering collective generative insights and conversation with the students and their interventions. We thank Christina and Matthew, along with Cabot Science Library and SAP Technologists  Emily Toker-Coolidge,  Susan Berstler, Ronald Lacey, for making the discussion of the student’s works such a rich and memorable experience and celebration of student creativity.

We thank the following individuals for their support of the course:

Christina Davis, Matthew Battles, Stephanie Burt, Mindy Seu, Nick Montfort, Christine Jacobson, Matt Saunders, Sky Hopinka, Jeremy Guillette, Robin Kelsey, Emily Toker-Coolidge,  Susan Berstler, Ronald Lacey, metaLab @ Harvard, Academic Technology for FAS, Nicholas Watson, Lauren Bimmler, and Case Kerns.