Research on Resilience

Resilience is a topic many people are interested. Some people want to help their children be more resilient. Some want to help themselves be more resilient.

Resilience building is different for children and adults. While a list of resilience “strategies”, “tips” or “skills” is helpful to grownups, they’re not as useful to children.

That’s because kids become resilient through life experiences provided by parents. If parents don’t do their parts in providing nurturing experiences, it’s like asking a plant to grow itself without providing it with water or sunlight.

Resilience is like a seesaw. It’s about providing children with positive resilience factors that can tip the scale favorably:

Parenting Research Resources

Here are some of the best resources to start with when researching for parenting issues.


Research Gate

Centers for Disease Control And Prevention

American Psychological Assocication

American Academy of Pediatrics

Child Trauma Academy