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June 10th, 2009

  • Posts: The views expressed in posts in this blog are those of the author alone and are not necessarily endorsed by my employer, Harvard University, or any of its constituents or constituencies.
  • Comments: The views expressed in the comments are those of their respective authors. I do not necessarily share them, even where I refrain from further comment.
  • Spam: I welcome robust discussion on the site. However, because of the prevalence of automated spam comments, I am forced to rather ruthlessly moderate comments. I use an automated spam filter, and also manually moderate new commenters whose contributions make it through the automated filter. I delete comments that are clearly insubstantial, tangential, or uncivil. I recommend that first-time commenters email me directly to inform me of your comment, so I can make sure that it is not filtered. By emailing me separately, I will know that you are not a robot or a turker.
  • Changes: Once a post has been published, I will make any substantive changes so as to preserve the original, typically by using strikethrough for deleted words and underlines for additions. Minor typographical changes and URL fixes and such may be made silently, if they don’t affect the content of the post.
  • Transient posts: I occasionally post items, such as personal announcements, that are of only transient relevance. These posts will be deleted after an appropriate period of time. Because they are not available long term, such posts will be marked as transient and commenting will be disabled.
  • Updates: This page will be updated as needed to reflect changes in these policies over time.

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