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April Fools Fun from Across the Web.

On the holiday of fun a few things the got be to laugh today.

Chromercise! kinda like Jazzercise but with a web browser.

ShopSavy and GreyScale:

Scientific American feels so ashamed:

NPR Advances In 3-D May Mean No Ridiculous Glasses:

Union of Concerned Scientists:

Groupon‘s Patent application for well April Fools Day:

Blizzard Entertainment with StarCraft Motion:

Rock, Paper Shotgun‘s explination of ye’ old DRM measure by Ubi Soft:

XKCD in 3D:

Google is hiring Auto Compleaters:

Think Geek‘s Arsenic Based Sea Monkeys and the Playmobil Apple Store Playset:

Bungie brings Pimps at Sea franchise into the social space with PimpsVille:

Just google helvetica: Go on try it!

Slashdot Madlibs:

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1 Comment

  1. Dean Jackson

    Hey! Nice collection of pranks that were pulled.

    I saw another one by Google this April fools called “Google Motion”. They claimed that you could use your webcam and use (retarded) hand motions to control searches, gmail inbox, etc…

    It was pretty hilarious. There was also that Gflush (toilet Wifi) thing not too long ago. Funny, Google. Real funny.

    Best regards.

    Dean Jackson,

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