Mini-Pecha Kucha presentation for ED102: Exploring Educational Technologies, Fall 2010 taught through the Harvard Extension School at Harvard University. The presentation focuses on a using video games for teaching computer science skills. A brief history of this space and some of the fundamental concepts will be introduced as well as a quick discussion of 3 games in particular LOGO, Alice, and Scratch is included.

Games to teach Computer Science

This presentation is a mini-pecha kucha presentation with 10 slides set to auto advance every 30 seconds. The recording was done using Power Point playing the presentation in real time. Quick Time in Apple OSX 10.6 was used to take the screen capture with a Blue Snowball microphone used to capture audio. The presentation was done a good 30+ times with this one following the timing of the slide transition the best. This condensed format is very powerful as it forces you as a presenter to hone your points and stay on topic during a very rapid fire stream of slides.

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