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A one day port, 35 days later

March 28th, 2011 by Christian

(or, More About Comcast)

My telephone number port came through from Comcast today.  This is the number port I’ve been railing about for weeks in this previous and increasingly-lengthy blog post.  According to the FCC’s one-day porting rule (which you can read about here), a port like this should take… you guessed it… one day.  Let’s see how that measures up to some other units of measure.

Since I ordered the service on February 21 and it is now March 28, one “FCC day” actually equals 5 weeks or 25 business days or 35 real life actual honest days.

I also discovered a new unit of measure I will call a “Comcast Day.” Here is an explanation of what a “business day” means in number portability, according to a Comcast supervisor (paraphrased as closely as possible) reached by telephone.  I am quoting my earlier blog post.

three business days equals 72 hours but that these are “business hours” and not regular hours. Since we know that there are 8 business hours in a work day, that actually works out to 9 business days.  So… maybe by April 1?

Since it is not April 1, thankfully we know that Comcast days–just like the rest of their offerings–do not correspond to reality in this instance (thank goodness).  But for the sake of scientific curiosity, I’d like to convert 35 days into “Comcast days.”  I’m not sure how, it is surprisingly complicated because the definition employs “business” in multiple contradictory ways.

I guess it would be 35 days * 24 hours a day / 8 “business hours” * 5/7ths (to get just the weekdays). I get 75.

So if you want you could say Comcast came in under their own estimate.

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