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views of the necker cube – gay fine by me

Date: Sat, 08 Apr 2006 10:51:59 -0400
To: ivy
From: Charles Nesson
Subject: views of the necker cube

april 7 2006, sitting in my office, waiting to meet the author of an essay i admire, Motivations behind the Killing of Matthew Sheppard . Please read it as context for a thought poem:

i have a rock, i have an island, i have a firm place within me on which my outer self stands
i find it in moments of calm amidst life’s pressures, i walk upon its path moving in the wind of time
is it i that move in time or is it time blowing past
einstein’s elevator

if the universe is a quantum computer as seth lloyd says, and i can see he’s right, then wouldn’t the machine create life as clone of itself, tinkering by its evolutionary method, linking cell to synapse, to create a consciousness the computer understands. are we knot at the point of understanding ourselves as nature’s creatures and yet comprehending our universe as a whole

lloyd speaks of information as bits distinct from meaning yet the power of bits of information lies in telling stories of our present past and future. multiple realities, alternative histories, views of the necker cube.

email with me may show up on my blog
unless privacy requested

Okay, i’m proud. Thank you Scooby. You are welcome.

What you read and link to below is from the wiki for my class about Evidence, from a student in my class, Scooby, still just a name to me. As i read it here on this blog-edit page meta to what you see i see a flowering of links that could be there, grounding each reference to the foundation of our class. How do we make the wiki live?

From CyberlawWiki

Since the first Jah Cure discussion, and particularly since the first Wendy Murphy visit, I’ve been contributing rather long-winded discourse to the Wiki in the following sections: Nuremberg, Wendy Murphy, the Confrontation Clause, etc. Typically these contributions occured at 12-2 am, whenever I had finished my reading for the next day. They contain my thoughts outside of class and not while my nose was in a book. Short of discussing a few telephone conversations or bills, that was my day, each day, during the weeks of Evidence: shower, class, retype notes, read, write the Wiki, watch 30 minutes of TV, sleep, rinse and repeat.

Weekends were somewhat different. The first weekend back, I had about 10 people over for a huge prime rib and premium wine. I really miss having gatherings like that from my previous life. I also miss having 10 funny but mature drunk people in my house. I batted about 50% that night: five HLS’ers, my closest friends, were awesome guests. Five decided to wrestle, break glasses, have newspaper fights, and generally act like 5-year olds. I thought it was the wine.

It wasn’t the wine. Speaking of whine…the first day of class, I walked in and there, under a calm, low light, with soft reggae playing, was Professor Nesson. As the class filled, he led us in stretching exercises which about half the class joined. The first week of class was incredible. Big picture stuff. Why we have a jury. And then…”why aren’t we learning “Evidence?” (Evidence without a jury isn’t Evidence)…turn up the lights, speak louder/softer/sing/dance…what about the exam…the Exam…the EXAM!” I suppose I could have gotten a few better grades had I focused on exam banks and mastering how others have issue spotted in concise prose. Having focused on the class at hand and actually enjoying myself, however, I couldn’t believe how anxiety tore this class to shreds. Within one week, the smiles and relaxation were turned to nervousness and bickering. I contributed, don’t get me wrong: part of growing up in this course was to try (and per this paragraph, not completely succeed) to stop bitching about people bitching. But come on! Maybe it’s my previous career, or maybe it’s the way I was raised, but the insulting tone of the class toward Professor Nesson was embarassing.

[nesson here: no insult seen intended, no insult taken. Anxiety is real, so deal with it.]

* I know I should…deal with it that is. I spent many years in an alternative universe that frowned upon revealing weakness or questioning the system. The last hurdle for me has been this “why isn’t everyone else where i am” arrogance. It occurs to me more and more that it’s not “them” but me that needs to adapt.

But back to the weekends, which, as I have said, were my “free time.” The rest of weekend one was spent nursing a hangover and watching movies. But as always, reading kicked in on Sunday afternoon, and we were off to the races again.

The second weekend was our three-day MLK weekend. I was getting excited. Finish notes and stuff Friday afternoon and then smooth sailing…four days to go re: reading. This class went too fast. Then, our Fearless Reader announced on that Friday, The Takehome….now, I know that he is a good hearted man. He was only trying to make things less stressful. A complete non-takehome would be: 1) focused question(s) and 2) discuss a dispute real to you and whether you think the law’s architecture can handle it…you have 3 hours. But no, Nesson’s being nice and letting us peck at question 2 in advance. But announcing it on a Friday before a long weekend? I mean, I’m not that mellow. I knew what was in store from the class with this one. The Wiki proved it: worry, worry, read into the question, negotiate…whine. I approached the question like it was on an exam with a three-hour limit. But the Friday announcement ruined the weekend for me. Sort of a guilt reaction, I suppose. As in, others are going to work on papers and I know I’m not, and thus…emotional meltdown. I finished my notes on Friday afternoon after eating a long lunch with Phil and his girlfriend, and then watched TV. On Saturday, I didn’t get out of bed until 2pm. What was I to do? Too early to start a paper, and the Little Bitter Boy remnant in me was thinking, “my classmates are going to hone their papers to a fine edge, and I miss my secretary.” So moping set in; all of Saturday was wasted. Sunday I caught up on some reading and football. Monday was a blur.

Thursday night I attended the event featuring Courtney, Kevin and Hurricane. I have a picture of Hurrincane and me…I think of Solomon and the quarter in which hand: did he murder people or is he really innocent? The best way to look at it is does it really matter what the truth is, as long as his dispute has been resolved? I spoke with Kevin for 20 minutes after most had left. I wish I could work with him in Jamaica, or somewhere similar. These stories go beyond redemption but toward a deeper understanding and societal healing, and frankly, I’m tired of picking a side and fighting and insulting the other. Let’s try to figure all of this out, shall we?

I can’t help but wonder what I can do to change or redefine the law. It’s pretty clear that the Law Lord must fashion more of a friendship with the Media Lord. Right now, the two seem to be acquaintences but not friends. Law lets Media in, he trashes the joint, but he’s invited again and again because Law believes that turning on Media may destroy him. Maybe if Media could be convinced to help educate society about the resolution phase of disputes…what the final narrative is…rather than inflame things by taking sides. I think of Nancy Grace and how pissed off she looks, how sure she is of guilt, on Court TV. Nevermind the story, “those children are dead…D-E-A-D…dead!” Criminal cases would go much faster if Ms. Grace were allowed to roam the courthouses of America with her executioner’s axe. Who needs a trial when Ms. Grace has society pissed off and unable to see, unemotionally, both sides? I wonder if any of her audience regulars will serve on juries: God help that defendant.

The last week of class was sad. We finished Expertize and moved past the last reading hump: Privilege. It was downhill from there. This class was amazing. We were educated in history, policy, trial law, evidence rules, and strategy in three weeks. The only strain was reading (and I was going outside the box on that anyway). I looked forward to class every day. I will miss this class every day.

Yesterday I read through my notes. The course fits like a glove. I feel like Nesson has taken me behind the scenes and let me see why the law runs the way it does. From a traditional standpoint, the rules makes sense. Principled sense. Except for hearsay, which makes sense if you realize the principles are inconsistent and don’t always make sense(!). Oh, and except for 412, which should be relabeled 512…that’s where it belongs. And all hail Crawford and Blakely…say what you want about Scalia, but don’t knock my libertarian hero when it comes to the criminal justice system. I’ve watched two movies today: some ridiculous werewolf movie with Christina Ricci and Snow Falling on Cedars. I highly recommend the latter. I found myself thinking of Evidence while I watched the trial and presentation of evidence and testimony. I thought of Archie Cox and integrating narratives. It was painless, and it was beautiful. I’m not only ready for the exam, I’m ready to be a lawyer.

Reading this made me cry

I sat in my office with a couple of friends talking about life and what it really means to us, and for a moment i wondered where my life was going. I did not question if what i was doing was the right thing because i made a decision a long time ago to do something with my life that would result in me sharing the blessings that i was given. as we sat here and talked i logged on to the jamaica Observer web site and typed my name in the search area only to see a series of articles which feature the work i’m currently invloved with in the prison. one of them struck me so much so that reading it brought tears to my eyes, and so i thought i would share. if there was even the slightest thought in my mind about giving up, this article erased that thought completely. the power of love, what an amazing thing. Charley i thank you for this medium, what a wonderful way to express one’s self. here is a copy of the letter

Dear Editor,

I’m glad that the Observer has finally recognised the need to highlight the positive men and women of our society. Too often our cover stories glorify those who are heartless criminals among us. My story is about a man who has been working single-handedly to change the situation of our penile institutions. Today, as crime spirals out of control, everyone feels that it is their duty to prescribe remedies. Some argue that the police need more ammunition and improved tactics; the youths need employment; government needs to sever ties with gunmen; and the private sector needs to report extortionists. However, no one is speaking about the situation of our prisons. None of us seem to recognise that at least 80 per cent of those in prison will be released and on the streets again. We fail to understand that many of the hardened criminals that now ply our streets were made that way by their prison experience. So while we make recommendations, the problems will continue to persist if we do not take a stand.

Thankfully, one man has. Kevin Wallen – an entrepreneur – has done, and continues to do, tremendous work within the prisons. With his small but effective group called Students Expressing Truth (SET), he has implemented a rehabilitation process that introduces its members to a wide variety of courses, especially in the area of Information Technology.
This group can be credited for Spelling Bee, quiz and debating competitions, which are all being marvellously executed in the prisons. In addition, the group has done a wonderful Information Technology Expo, which truly attests to the power of reform.

Interestingly, these stories barely make the paper, but the frivolous demands of prisoners command the front page.

Kevin has invested millions of his personal funds, persisted despite criticism (from colleagues of the same private sector that is now clamouring for change) and has spent thousands of hours of his personal time in motivating and speaking with these offenders. He has even done the “unthinkable” and has employed those who are released in his business. It is heart-warming to watch him make himself selflessly available to these men who demand his attention, especially after being released. He often digs deep into his pockets without any complaint, providing ex-criminals with the funds necessary to make a start, and makes the trip to pick them up when released, and drives them home in dignity. It is no wonder that none of his members are recidivists. In fact, this proves that rehabilitation works. If we do nothing to help those in prison acquire a skill or make improvements in their personal lives, what is the use of building more prisons? It will be a waste of the country’s resources if plans are not made to rehabilitate prisoners, as they are to improve police tactics and ammunition. Both go hand in hand.

Kevin is really an excellent example of what it means to take action when we are unhappy with the situation around us. It is not enough to simply sit (stand) in the uptown park of New Kingston, demanding change. Kevin has the foresight and the good sense that many of us lack. He has set an example and I salute him as a powerful Jamaican whose work will not go unnoticed.

Lecia Gordon


early morning musing on the significance of this event and the substance of the Berkman Clinical Program for students and developing nations

Jackie Alex & Diane interview


[email – read from bottom up]

Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 06:17:43 -0500
To: Roberto Mangabeira Unger
From: Charles Nesson
Subject: Re: Jamaica/Brazil + China
Cc: “ronaldo Lemos” ,
Read the filtering report on Tunisia and consider its implications.
Read my blog response to Jimmy Wales,…
Consider how you would address national regimes of the world on how they should think about filtering their national information space.


At 03:49 PM 11/15/2005, you wrote:
OK, but how in the future what can we do with regard to these international meetings?
At 02:27 PM 11/15/2005, you wrote:
You are late. This is the World Summit i spoke about with you back when you appeared to be curious about a cyber strategy for your campaign. WSIS – google it.

At 12:46 PM 11/15/2005, you wrote:
I don;t even know what WSIS is. How then can I be on top of what’s happening there?
At 11:36 AM 11/15/2005, you wrote:

Are you on top of what’s happening at WSIS?

WSIS – Focus

From: John Palfrey
Subject: Pretty Dramatic Actually

At 09:38 AM 11/15/2005,  jpalfrey at wrote:
I thought I was coming here to present my model anti-spam law, but much
more interesting is:
http ://
http ://
JZ and I and the ONI team are releasing our extensive report on Tunisian
filtering in the next 24 hours or so. Will make news.


To: John Palfrey, Jonathan Zittrain
From: eon

Congrats. Go with this as far as an otherwise focusless meeting of global internet activists assembled with world media looking on can take you, and all the others who will be pleased to join you in making this an active agenda item.

This man needs legal help, but …

Irie FM bans Jah Cure’s music

Basil Walters, Observer staff reporter
Thursday, November 10, 2005

JAH CURE. serving a 15-year sentence for rape robbery with aggravation and illegal possession of a firearm

Irie FM has slapped a ban on the music of Jah Cure after staff at the popular radio station received threats from persons claiming to be associated with the singer who is serving time in prison for rape, robbery with aggravation and illegal possession of a firearm.

Yesterday, marketing manager for the Ocho Rios-based all reggae radio station, Brian Schmidt, told the Observer that the station had vowed not to be intimidated by the threats.

“Over a period of time, people who are associated with Jah Cure have been calling the station issuing threats to members of staff, demanding that they play more of his music,” Schmidt said. “We have therefore taken a principled decision that we’re not to bow to any threats of any kind.”

Schmidt declined to give details about the nature of the threats, offering only that “they were threats against the personal security of staff members”.

Jah Cure, whose real name is Siccaturie Alcock, was sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment on April 26, 1999 for two counts of rape, robbery with aggravation and illegal possession of firearm, all arising from the same incident. At the time he was 19 years old.

In recent time, specifically through the new music component of the penal system’s rehabilitation programme, Jah Cure has been given the privilege to record a number of songs which have become instant hits.

His current hit song, True Reflection, was recorded for producer Joe Bogdanavich’s Downsound Records label.
Bogdanavich could not be contacted yesterday for comment on the Irie FM action.

Jah Cure has made history of sorts, being the first entertainer who has come to national prominence while being incarcerated.

Last year, Jah Cure, who was transferred to the Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre from the St Catherine Adult Correctional Centre two years ago, had an application for parole turned down despite a passionate campaign by concerned friends, family and entertainers. He had become eligible for parole on July 28, 2003.

social architecture

Charles Nesson wrote:
hello david,
i had thought i would be away november 14 in Tunis but have cancelled, which makes it possible for me to attend your social architecture event. May fern and i be invited?

David Weinberger wrote:
After extensive discussions, a vote of the governing board, and a thorough background check, we have decided to permit you and Fern to attend.
Great to have you!
David W.

JD Lasica wrote:
Susan Mernit , Leslie Rule , Brewster Kahle , Dave Toole
Re: Corporate Sponsorships
Hi folks,
Hope all’s well. I’ll be seeing Charles in Boston on Mon-Tue; meeting
with Dave next week; and thanks, Susan, for the sample business plan.

It’s been 5 1/2 weeks since our Oct. 1 get-together at KQED. After the
strategy session, I revamped the Ourmedia wiki (as I mentioned) and
created landing pages for the teams handling corporate sponsorships
and foundation support:

I’m the only one who has contributed to these pages thus far. I think
the mistake we made was in not designating a committee chair to own
this responsibility (it can’t be me).

This is a critical time for Ourmedia — we desperately need corporate
sponsorships to continue development of the site, which stopped three
months ago. From a user perspective, the site continues to be
something of a small miracle: we just passed 50,000 members and
stabilized the server situation. But for the site to thrive, we need
to get into the 2006 marketing budgets of these corporate giants.

Which is why it’s critical to make progress in this area now, before
holiday fatigue sets in.

I’ve spend the past month writing up proposals for partnerships with
Yahoo, Akamai, Microsoft, Intel and VeriSign (so far). See attached.
And I’m now working on a busines plan for the Omidyar Network; helping
with the discussions with the Media Center folks; and I set up a
Donation Center for Ourmedia that we should announce tomorrow.

But I can’t do this all alone. That was why we had the Oct. 1 summit
— to bring together not just the collective wisdom of the group for
one day, but to get a course of action in motion. We’ve made progress
in the open source programming area (thanks to Henrik) and in the
marketing arena (thanks to Carla). But the most important area remains
funding, and I need some help here.

So: Can someone volunteer to chair this effort? Can we begin pooling
our resources and knowledge? Can others begin contributing ideas or
contact names to the wiki?

Any other ideas or suggestions would be most welcomed.

Thanks very much!!

(925) 600-0639
aim: jdlas

Charles Nesson wrote:
cc  Lessig at
You are thinking of ourmedia as a software product, like wikipedia software, that creates a machine for sharing. Also think of it as a movement in the real world among people who can build machines like wikipedia and ourmedia. Realize that we ourselves are a media event unfolding in time. Fill the role. What companies do you want sponsorship from? Convene a meeting. Invite them to attend.

i volunteer as social chairman, willing to lead a committee to convene sharing intellectual events among us. Berkman Center holds the best parties. We put spirit into our events. We express ourselves in the net.

Who will volunteer committee work to make the invitation list, pick a date, find a hall, organize transportation and accommodation? For Berkman Catherine Bracy does it all. :

Creative Commons Slovenija

This afternoon, sitting in CBKE center in Wroclaw, i’m on a video conference to Slovenia where Larry Lessig is speaking this morning. i will talk with him about the Net as an inflection point in information history, and about the way in which wealth produces law to protect itself, about how the “corporation” has enabled huge aggregations of proprietary information property in the last century, about how we are now in an environment in which the net permits the aggregation of public wealth, putting Free Culture in a downhill battle with proprietary forces, our challenge to be gentle with our enemies.

What is the idea. Meta – new architecture of the space in which our consiousness exists. Here’s a bit of audio .

The legal corporation, compare to man. The corporation does not die when the man dies. Corporate ties are contracts. Man’s is trust.

The net allows a new form of organization, not a function of the law of any state.

Compliment the brilliance of Creative Commons, its use of law to moderate the conflict between aggregated propriatary intellectual property and the power of free culture, its invitation to creators to feel themselves empowered to make discriminating responsible judgments about future use of their work, which, because they are responsible, are honored as a norm without the big stick of Law.

Law’s mission is to make an environment fit for individual, social and economic development. How does Law serve its mission in the age of Internet. Creative Commons exemplifies how Law can lead. Creative Commons is international, meta, above the laws of states even as it melds with them, a global movement with a conceptual legal structure for nourishing Free Culture – our global common wealth.

Terry Fisher for the Berkman Center is building a digital media exchange based on a compensation system for creators alternative to the transactional base of current commercial practice. This DME will be a Creative Commons exchange. It will give a choice to a creator about how to best benefit from creation. When it becomes a nuanced choice for a rent-seeking creator whether to market a work through traditional transactional means or through the alternative compensation system provided by the digital media exchange, then we will have peacefully settled the copyright war.

i want to talk with Larry about Governance of the Net. The strength of the net lies in its growth and generativity — yes, Z should be in on the video. The strength of the net will rest with those who grow it.

Where would you rest the power to control the architecture of the net?

The net of what? The net of shared values of peace, respect, love of learning, pleasure in sharing, of appreciation for diversity and culture, of Socratic truth and discourse.

Trust the net to the great universities of the world. Lead the universities to grow strong in cyberspace. Make them repositories of the value of connection, portals of access to and ability to contribute to a global common wealth of knowledge. Just as with the growth of the proprietary domain in the last chapter of our information history, the aggreagation of a great common wealth of knowledge built by and through our world’s great universities will express itself in norms and laws to support it.

Larry Lessig speaks as the first Berkman professor. Z speaks as the second. Segway to discussion of the disposition of Z’s digital track, credit to Barlow.

Billion Dollar Charlie CyberTalks with Friends.

a program for the Net?


Just off. It was a gas. Of course Larry was not there. i should have known, talk in the morning then off on a plane. But Renaldo and Urs were there in his stead, and both wonderfully eloquent. Thank you Maja.


Palfrey asks a question on his blog under the title “Entrust the net to the universities?”

Nesson: “Trust the net to the great universities of the world. Lead the universities to grow strong in cyberspace. Make them repositories of the value of connection, portals of access to and ability to contribute to a global common wealth of knowledge. Just as with the growth of the proprietary domain in the last chapter of our information history, the aggreagation of a great common wealth of knowledge built by and through our world’s great universities will express itself in norms and laws to support it.”

To Billion Dollar Charlie: Where does Billion Dollar Google fit in? Billion Dollar Microsoft?

Search is such a vital element of a functioning digital repository that i expect Google to fit very well. Already Google has shown great initiative toward the mamoth task of digitizing our existing print-on-paper knowledge base. On Microsoft i am less clear, but open to suggestion. Certainly much of the content of a digital commonwealth of knowledge will be in Microsoft formats, and Microsoft would surely be in the mix of companies participating in development and construction.


So i get this email from my old friend, Matt Horan, who practices Law in Arkansas.

Last night I had a blinding revelation. I wish I’d thought of it thirty years ago. I would like it cut into stone and set somewhere on the law school campus.
I will defend a dishonest man against an honest man.
I will defend an honest man against a dishonest man.
But I will not defend a dishonest man against a dishonest man.

to which i replied, “why not?”

to which Matt replied:
Experience. Such cases take 70% more time and you end up not being paid because the dishonest men who was in bed together, and then had a falling out, and got all lawyered up, decide that they really don’t need to be paying their lawyers, and get back in bed together to screw the public. Then dishonest person A tells dishonest person B that his lawyer was all jakeleg and failed to plead accord and satisfaction, so dishonest person B uses that as an excuse not to pay his lawyer, and dishonest person B, to return the favor, tells dishonest person A that his lawyer failed to seek relief in quantum meruit, which was a slam dunk, and the only thing his jakeleg lawyer was really worried about, and dishonest person A uses that as an excuse not to pay his lawyer.

I say: when two dishonest men get to squabbling, let em fight it out The Old Fashioned Way. Do the gene pool a favor.

Yesterday, I was browsing the used book store and came across a book of Arabian Love Poems by Nazir Kabbani. Cool stuff. He’s an octogenarian leftist who likes to f*** women, and how he has ever escaped execution, I do not know. Some of his stuff reminds me of Ferlinghetti. I am going to have to investigate him further. He wrote one poem where he compared his love for a woman to a white horse. I am saying: waaaaaiiiiit a minute, what’s this white horse bidness with these dam Ay-rabs?!? The poem concludes, however, with these lines, which I like

If you knew the yearnings of horses

You would fill my mouth

With cherries, almonds, pistachios.

To which i replied: “Hope you don’t mind. i posted you on my blog. Such wisdom should be passed on by a Law prof.
 ” title=””

” target=”_blank”>…

to which Matt replied:
I don’t mind, but still I think it needs to be cut into stone and set on the campus. See, there’s gonna be this nuclear flash one of these days, and the electromagnetic pulse of it is gonna junk the internet, the blogosphere, in fact, we will all go back to slide rules, which suits the crap outa me, since I do all my ciphering in my head anyhow, and get prettier numbers, at least, than the ones I get on my calculator, so called.

But I was saying: it needs to be in stone. It needs to slow folks down on their hurry hurry from the Hark to Austin Hall.

Cuttin’ stuff into stone is my new art form. I have developed this property and I have spent a lot of money gussying up a detention basin that collects rainfall before sending it downstream where it can’t be handled in a gulp. Well, it looked awful, so I set a stonesetter to rocking the sides of it. Then I looked at the hill above it, and I thought “wow, let’s make it look like the 13th at Augusta.” And then I thought, instead of azalea, cherry trees, dogwoods, redbud. Now, I am going to get A.E. Housman’s poem “Loveliest of Trees” cut into several stones, and am going to set it, piece by piece, into the hillside, among the cherry and the dogwood, and the redbud and the crepe myrtle and the forsythia and the sugar maple and the sumac and the….

But I am just starting.

I said, this place needs a Celtic Cross! So I have commissioned a local artist to make me one, and then, because I am so antic, I will have him inscribe, in Latin, “On a hill far away, stands an old, rugged cross,” which is the ARCHETYPAL Protestant Hymn, and I am going to laugh, laugh, laugh for the rest of my days as the two sides struggle over the text and just don’t get the joke, if it is a joke.

I am also going to salt other bits of poems into the ground in the development where walkers can see them…”Nothing Gold Can Stay” by Robert Frost, a stanza from Keats’ “St. Agnes Eve,” a line from a Billie Joe Shaver song I greatly admire “Swarm in a loose herd, like the wild buffalo.” A line written by a dead friend of mine: “The end of style for honest men is clarity.” A stanza from Dylan Thomas’s “Poem in October,” which talks about mothers walking their children, which I hope will happen.

See, cutting things into stone is one big momento mori. I thought to myself, what are they gonna cut into my stone: “He helped white folks argue about money?” And I decided that what I wanted it to say was something like “He cut other folks words into rock so you, pilgrim, might stop thinking about money so much.”

Anyhow, the development is going great guns, and I am not using realtors to sell it which pisses them off. I tell them they should be happy because the people who are buying from me are going to be selling big-ass houses, and they will get the commission offa that, but they don’t see it that way. Because I am saving the realtors’ commission, what I do is, I get a price with my buyer, and we spit on our palms and shake on the deal. Then I give them a contract with a lower price, and I ask them to make a donation to local schools with the difference. They’re on their honor. I think of it as force multiplying. So far, I’m told that a local Catholic school that is on hard times and schools a lot of poor immigrant kids got $20,000, and that a program that trains poor folks for jobs got $4500, and a nursing program got $6000, and it just kinda rolls from there. I think it will be interesting to see just what develops out of this, probably nothing, but maybe, maybe, maybe something.