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inner mind

where does it go from how crazy is that
should it go crazy
off into the eon dance
should it go sane

what is hunter thompson’s message
what was his freedom

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poker teaches

off to new york city for colbert with fern and andrew and gang along


Q from mookie99: Charles Nesson, a Harvard Law school prof has started advocating the use of poker as a way to teach strategic thinking. He has proposed that the current presidential candidates play a tourney with WPT-style hole card cams (I saw him propose this while being interviewed on the Colbert report, but he seemed totally serious about it).


If Romney, McCain, Guliani, Obama, Clinton and Edwards sat down for a six-handed shootout, who would win?

# California Jen Says:
January 29th, 2008 at 9:40 pm

Colbert is hilarious.

Presidential candidates playing poker would be priceless.

Republicans: Huckabee would be the Jerry Yang of it all, praying to God for help. Romney may invoke a little Mormon religion of his own and use his breaks to comb his hair. McCain would be the slowest player; the others would have to call the clock on him every time. And Giuliani would fold his way out of the race. Ron Paul would win for the Republicans and have a large cheering section to celebrate with.

Democrats: Clinton would have to consult with her husband on every hand. Edwards would play too tight and be blinded off while staying out of the way of Clinton-Obama showdowns. Obama would play a tight-aggressive game, and with his previous poker experience, would be the favorite to win.

(Yes, I’m avoiding other work by doing this sad analysis.)

Hillary plays gaming card against Obama

were the gambling issue to come to the surface of the presidential campaign it would test the vision, character and good sense of the candidates as no other issue. here is an opportunity to take a divided america and bring it together with civil discourse.

Sam Morris / Associated Press

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has embraced the gambling industry and its executives.

By Peter Wallsten and Peter Nicholas, Los Angeles Times Staff Writers
January 18, 2008
LAS VEGAS — Barack Obama has warned about the dangers of gambling — that it carries a “moral and social cost” that could “devastate” poor communities. As a state senator in Illinois, he at times opposed plans to expand gambling, worrying that it could be especially harmful to low-income people.

Today, those views are posing a problem for Obama in the gambling mecca of Nevada, which holds its presidential nominating caucuses Saturday. While his top rival, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, also talks often about aiding low-income Americans, she has embraced the gambling industry and its executives, and her campaign has used Obama’s past statements in an effort to turn casino workers and other Nevada voters against him.

john bracken doubles down on obama


omar and obama



*** SHOW DOWN ***

jidong shows [9d 3h] a straight, Six high
wormzy mucks
jidong wins the pot (8,722) with a straight, Six high
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 8,722 | Rake 0
Board: [4c 2c 5d 6d 6s]
Seat 3: jidong (big blind) showed [9d 3h] and won (8,722) with a straight, Six high
Seat 8: wormzy (small blind) mucked [Jc 6c] – three of a kind, Sixes

so ends the first online tournament played with my class

i am eager to meet jidong and wormzy
looking forward now to walking to class
passion to publish in realtime to feel recursion
of vibe coming back

motion for declaratory judgment in the courts of public opinion

we meet to prepare our witness

using the opportunity to raise your question as a way of putting your answer across
seeing legal process as an opportunity and not a bane as long as you are building audience for your argument as you go along

the idea is to produce ourselves
project our mode of discourse
use the tools and power at our command


tim wu on npr

well done

poker a language that speaks to all people
english cyrillic chinese
network of networks

open as obama


Firm might seem a bit of a leap to moxie from here to putting poker on the curriculum. But some academics scope absolute due to a worthy subject of study. Chief among them is Charles Nesson, a professor at Harvard Regulation Impart. Earlier this generation he founded the Global Poker Politic Thinking Society ( GPSTS ), whose awkward place name belies a fine set of goals: to italicize pokers role fix teaching patience, strategics and almighty dollar management, and pressure valuable thinking skills. Poker offers metaphors for a scale of verve skills and could symbolize a sensational educational tool, says Mr Nesson, who plays a regular amusement ditch other code professors, including Alan Dershowitz though he has basically to play cloak Antonin Scalia, a Supreme Lordship judicature proclaimed to obtain a fondness for poker.

By enlisting the comfort of players, statisticians, constitution students and chamber groups conforming since the Poker Players Alliance, whose membership has swollen to 860, 000, Mr Nesson hopes to roll back not one the public ban on online gambling but besides the worst bits of the nonsensical patchwork of state laws. Massachusetts code, for instance, makes irrefutable insoluble for the university to clench flat a charity poker tournament. Are they unrestful that nation will develop into prone to giving greenback to superexcellent causes? asks Andrew Woods, a Harvard student who helps to rush the GPSTS.


Berkman@10 Report


the-mission.mp3 ten years out

WTO backs Antigua for $21 million annual in sanctions against USA

tell me this isn’t poker

WTO Ruling
December 21, 2007

the WTO rewarded Antigua $21 million in annual trade sanctions…

The tiny Caribbean nation can exercise the sanctions in intellectual property, such as films and music, for instance by lifting copyright protection, as well as in services, which includes sectors such as banking and telecommunications as well as gambling.

Mark Mendel, the lawyer who has been spearheading this case for the Antiguan government since it began back in 2003 observed “I am pleased that the panel approved our ability to cross-retaliate by suspension of intellectual property rights of United States business interests. That has only been done once before and is, I believe, a very potent weapon.”

When Kenneth Weitzner from Eye On Gambling ( asked about these possible sanctions on a conference call today which included reporters worldwide, Mark Mendel stated that this would be used as a last resort. But, he did say that if Antigua went this route, it would occur sometime in 2008.

ustr says:
The United States is concerned, however, that the Arbitrator agreed with Antigua’s request to suspend WTO concessions not just with respect to services, but also with respect to intellectual property rights (IPR). Any authorization pursuant to the award would be strictly limited to Antigua; every other WTO Member remains obliged to protect U.S. IPR under WTO rules, including enforcement against any IPR-infringing goods. Moreover, even with respect to Antigua, it would establish a harmful precedent for a WTO Member to affirmatively authorize what would otherwise be considered acts of piracy, counterfeiting, or other forms of IPR infringement. Furthermore, to do so would undermine Antigua’s claimed intentions of becoming a leader in legitimate electronic commerce, and would severely discourage foreign investment in the Antiguan economy.

what is the value of the judgment antigua has obtained? is the point the money or is it the judgment against the united states, or do we just brush such judgments off as a cost of doing business. where is the substance of the issue the wto calls unfair? why give the race tracks internet wagering but deny them slot machines. guess who gets the slot machines. tell me we’re not playing poker.

who’s move is next