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exciting news. at our ABRAHAM_OBAMA party wednesday will be andrew brokos, my best living proof next to howard lederer that poker is a game of skill, known online as foucault, the poker philosopher. who is currently playing in the world series of poker. he is returning to boston on monday and will come to our party. it’s a great opportunity for us to hear his stories and celebrate his achievements at the tournament. if you know anyone who would be interested in meeting him or playing poker please invite him or her to join us at galleryXIV 450 harrison st in the south end at 7pm on Wednesday JULY !6 2008. fern and i will provide wine beer snacks. and hopefully music. please respond with thoughts suggestions contributions of any sort and please try to attend. we’ll have a lot of fun.


look what comes from andrew in the morning email



i want to thank everybody for coming here today and especially the people who were here from the beginning

eric wiseman
tom smuts
dave marglin
jon zittrain
john perry barlow
larry lessig
alex and wendy
myles berkman
fern and eric saltzman

we are here to talk about the future of the net.

my vision of the future of the net is the same as the vision i enunciated ten years ago.

cyberspace is an integrated media realm of stories told and shared by digitally connected and enabled hearts and minds.
WE are the Future of the Internet. We have good stories to live and to tell.
let us make our stories represent our values of
open code
open access
open talk
open education
let’s bridge the digital divide
let’s build the commons of the net

HILLIARY — Queen of Hearts


OK OBAMA – Now You Have a GAME!

Presidential POKER



re: lunch with speaker dimasi – tell me this isn’t an internet movie script

Forwarded conversation
Subject: Lunch with Speaker DiMasi

From: Quinn, Katie (HOU)
Date: Tue, Feb 26, 2008 at 6:10 PM

Good Afternoon Professor Nesson,
When we last spoke I had promised to send you dates that work for a luncheon with Speaker DiMasi. I apologize for the delay in my response. I do have an opening ion Friday, March 14 at 1pm. Please advise if that time works for you.

Katie Quinn
Special Assistant to the Speaker
Office of Speaker Salvatore F. DiMasi
Massachusetts House of Representatives
Room 356, State House
Boston, MA 02133
(617) 722-2500

From: Charles Nesson
Date: Wed, Feb 27, 2008 at 1:30 PM
To: “Quinn, Katie (HOU)”

yes, thank you. shall i appear at his office at that time.

when appropriate (in my judgment) to an open project and not sensitive (in my judgment) in terms of privacy, i may post email to my blog. all privacy requests respected. ———-
From: Charles Nesson
Date: Wed, Feb 27, 2008 at 1:35 PM
To: Jonathan Cohen

From: Quinn, Katie (HOU)
Date: Wed, Feb 27, 2008 at 1:40 PM
To: Charles Nesson

I will be in touch with you the week before with a location.

From: Charles Nesson []
Sent: Wednesday, February 27, 2008 12:31 PM
To: Quinn, Katie (HOU)
Subject: Re: Lunch with Speaker DiMasi

From: Charles Nesson
Date: Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 11:30 AM
To: “Quinn, Katie (HOU)”

may i confirm
From: Quinn, Katie (HOU)
Date: Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 11:54 AM
To: Charles Nesson

Professor Nesson, I was just going to e-mail you shortly. I have to reschedule lunch tomorrow. I am looking at Friday, March 28th or Friday April 11th for lunch. Please advise if either of these days work for you. Thank you in advance.
Katie Q
Sent: Thursday, March 13, 2008 11:31 AM

From: Charles Nesson
Date: Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 12:01 PM
To: “Quinn, Katie (HOU)”

too bad
i had wanted to talk with the speaker about the oped i’m expecting the globe to publish tomorrow (attached) and to brief him on the March 18 Don’t Criminalize Online Poker Rally, which i expect will bring out a lot of young people in “how crazy is that?” t-shirts. that was to be for openers.
march 28
From: Charles Nesson
Date: Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 12:02 PM
To: Joe Finder


From: Charles Nesson
Date: Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 12:04 PM
To: “Quinn, Katie (HOU)”

with attachment
Date: Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 12:08 PM
To: Charles Nesson

Professor Nesson, I will put this article in front of the Speaker today and deliver the additional portion of your message. I will be in touch,

Sent: Thursday, March 13, 2008 12:05 PM
To: Quinn, Katie (HOU)
Subject: Lunch with Speaker DiMasi

From: Charles Nesson
Date: Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 12:16 PM
To: “Quinn, Katie (HOU)”

thank you
Date: Thu, Mar 27, 2008 at 6:02 AM
To: “Quinn, Katie (HOU)”

i am hoping not to be disappointed again in confirming a lunch date with speaker dimasi

i hope he will be amused and intrigued by this video


patrick opened with the his casino bill
dimasi calls him on his numbers for dollars and jobs
full of bullshit made of near thin air

patrick leads out again going over dimasi’s head direct to his membership with letters to each rep
challenging dimasi to present a better alternative

dimasi calls and raises
threatening to kill the bill outright in committee
patrick calls
begging to let the bill go to the floor
dimasi can kill it in committee
dimasi can kill it on the floor
he does both
let there be no doubt

nice hand
nice pot
next hand

action to dimasi
does he come with an alternative

thank you popcha, thank you trevor and ken

tune in march 28

Internet & Society – NEXA – STANFORD – HARVARD


Feb 18
From CyberOne Wiki

colvin is right, and brilliant, schools train the kids to beat the cops to get out of an authority structure that makes them feel bored and stupid.

i want presbelewski and colvin to be teachers in my school.

i want kids to watch the wire with me and then come back and go over and say where the mistake was made and what was the other choice.

i want to convey how much i want to teach

google hypothetical: future of university
mission of university
position of the assn of internet university service providers
bye bye to copyright on transactional base
open the university with a presidential poker game, all proceeds for running the open school

strategic thinking expressed in action
make your play according to assessment of position and strength of other players in your game

for an inmate in prison there are two laws, authority law and inmate law, authority imposed from the force outside that makes the prison, authority from the force within that rules the force of resistance. the stronger the compression the deeper the evil. how to teach and how to learn how to lighten up.

in baltimore two laws. colvin and prez offer strategy to change the valence of the game

think in media terms. hollywood, listen up. let me use your product in open education. me and prez teach math. a new kind of school. embrace parents and love their children. follow colvin down the path of enlightenment to the point of hope in kids. catch the light and keep it burning.

i want to show the wire in kingston prison, and talk about it. i want to show it in juvenile.

==feb 24==
ready for a rush
larry gives me great idea and contact with lauren
palfrey for berkman and perhaps for harvard law
juan carlos for nexa
larry and lauren for stanford

internet & society
can we have your support

first question at google gathering
identity of avatars
behind each a student expressing truth

Hillary plays gaming card against Obama

were the gambling issue to come to the surface of the presidential campaign it would test the vision, character and good sense of the candidates as no other issue. here is an opportunity to take a divided america and bring it together with civil discourse.

Sam Morris / Associated Press

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has embraced the gambling industry and its executives.

By Peter Wallsten and Peter Nicholas, Los Angeles Times Staff Writers
January 18, 2008
LAS VEGAS — Barack Obama has warned about the dangers of gambling — that it carries a “moral and social cost” that could “devastate” poor communities. As a state senator in Illinois, he at times opposed plans to expand gambling, worrying that it could be especially harmful to low-income people.

Today, those views are posing a problem for Obama in the gambling mecca of Nevada, which holds its presidential nominating caucuses Saturday. While his top rival, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, also talks often about aiding low-income Americans, she has embraced the gambling industry and its executives, and her campaign has used Obama’s past statements in an effort to turn casino workers and other Nevada voters against him.