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thanks to friends in second life

thank you SL_Empathics

two stents later i am back like i never left, except for a life-changning psychic experience.


Continuing on the riddimic theme, the last of this dispatch’s recommendations is the wonderful Riddim Method mix available for download at Assembled by a team including Harvard musicologist Wayne Marshall, DJ Ripley, Kid Kameleon, DJ C, DJ Flack, and Pace, it could fit comfortably in any of Pitchfork’s specialist columns, needlestitching together an array of genres, from dubstep to Dirty South hip-hop, Egyptian shaabi to Baltimore club, reggae to techno. It’s an inspiring ride, cohesive yet omnivorous and proves there are no boundaries in music if you’ve got a little imagination and a whole lot of love for it. .

dave stelfox, pitchfork

that’s wayne, the dubble doubleyou, wayne&wax

views of the necker cube – gay fine by me

Date: Sat, 08 Apr 2006 10:51:59 -0400
To: ivy
From: Charles Nesson
Subject: views of the necker cube

april 7 2006, sitting in my office, waiting to meet the author of an essay i admire, Motivations behind the Killing of Matthew Sheppard . Please read it as context for a thought poem:

i have a rock, i have an island, i have a firm place within me on which my outer self stands
i find it in moments of calm amidst life’s pressures, i walk upon its path moving in the wind of time
is it i that move in time or is it time blowing past
einstein’s elevator

if the universe is a quantum computer as seth lloyd says, and i can see he’s right, then wouldn’t the machine create life as clone of itself, tinkering by its evolutionary method, linking cell to synapse, to create a consciousness the computer understands. are we knot at the point of understanding ourselves as nature’s creatures and yet comprehending our universe as a whole

lloyd speaks of information as bits distinct from meaning yet the power of bits of information lies in telling stories of our present past and future. multiple realities, alternative histories, views of the necker cube.

email with me may show up on my blog
unless privacy requested

adamski pahonia zslot iga ivy agnieszka

“What do you think of visiting Wroclaw again? This fall or earlier, in May, when the weather
is good enough to have a nice trip to Prague, Budapest or this charming
city – Gdansk – at the Polish coast. Do you have TIME?”

This is the question Darek Adamski asks at the end of his message to me. Fern and i met him when we travelled to Poland last October, meeting a network of internet friends from nearby countries. Adamski is the young organizational strength in CBKE, a center much like Berkman when we began. Here is his insistent message.

Subject: Fwd: Time … and Space

Dear Charles,

Apparently my previous mail didn’t reach you. So I’m sending it again
(with just one photo this time to facilitate the transfer).

I’m glad that you enjoyed your stay in Jamaica.

All the best to you and Fern,


————————– Wiadomo¶æ oryginalna ————————–
Temat: Time … and Space
Data: ¦r Marca 22 2006, 8:45 pm

Dear Charles,

Iga Aleksandra Adamska is more than 3 months now. She’s beautiful and
smart, just as her mummy is. We’re both pretty crazy about her and she’s
getting more and more crazy about us in return – such a fly-wheel of love.
Let me share our precious with you – I enclose three of her pictures.

Time… Outside the days are getting longer – the spring is at the
threshold – but I can see the days rather shrinking. It’s incredible how
the notion of ‘time’ changes its meaning when a baby arrives, especially
that Agnieszka is finishing her Ph.D. dissertation, so our nest is almost
entirely dependent on me. But I’ve always loved new challenges. This one
is just more important than others, as it’s about the ones that I love the

Would be much easier if cbke were not developing (just for a while). But
it apparently is (partly because of the October conference), which also
changes my perception of time and the question how to manage it. In fact
I’m not that sure – maybe it is the time, not my perception, that has

To get some more strength I was looking for you somewhere on the net
speaking, recorded while lecturing. I loved your lectures in Wroclaw –
they were so inspiring! But I could not find any. So I got back to your
blog. I scrolled it down and guess what were the first words I saw: ‘Space
is limited’. Funny! That was the first thought. Then I thought of Belarus
– presidential elections that were rigged there last Sunday – 10 million
people trapped in a limited space next to the eastern wall of my country,
at the feet of the eastern big brother. My country looked exactly the same
20 years ago. Time… And space…

Apparently the space is limited everywhere, just the limits are different.
Due to that I didn’t manage to see and hear any recording from the
‘Bioethics in a Changing World – an interactive videoconference’, to which
the words ‘Space is limited’ in your blog referred to. It seems there’s
still a lot to be done about the space limits. This will be changed by the
people like you (and hopefully me). Gradually. With the net. But the net
won’t overcome the time limits, will it? To the contrary – 20 years ago in
Poland (and now in many other places) time did not really matter. Space
mattered – you could see its limits physically. Now it’s the other way
around. Because of the net, the information and communication it offers to
us, I personally need to struggle with time desperately. So what does the
EON nowadays mean? Thousand different meanings. Each day different. Until
we meet your sister, Ivy.

Time… and questions. I’m finishing this letter with plenty of them and
originally just wanted to send you Iga’s pictures, best regards to you and
Fern from me and Agnieszka and ask just one question – what do you think
of visiting Wroclaw again? This fall or earlier, in May, when the weather
is good enough to have a nice trip to Prague, Budapest or this charming
city – Gdansk – at the Polish coast. Do you have TIME?

All the best, Darek


hello darek
my apologies for not immediately responding to you. i was thinking, your question is a good one, do i have time. like you i have felt time shrink in the sense of squeezing in on what you feel passion to accomplish yet recall the months after my first child was born as the happiest of my life. to know the feeling of being father to a child has been my key to love. my love and blessings to Iga and Agnieszka.

the people of belarus seem to reach world opinion now by courageous physical protest. have they a cyberstrategy? have they a heroine? have they stories to tell? how much time does it take to connect through the net?

what do you think of visiting Wroclaw again? i think yes, in the fall,in coordination perhaps with a visit to Zsolt at the University of Pecs, and with fern, who has a more demanding teaching schedule than i.

i think also of asking the two of you to come here (cambridge or kingston) for a conference on the nature of national independance in the age of internet, still very much in planning.


Sammy beside me

Thanks to Eric Priest and Susie Lindsay

Connect Jamaica China America
Digital China/Harvard

Who are we
Active, we are here to do it
Scribe it, archive it, use the question tool,

Do what-
Create a friendly flow of commerce and culture
Build a power base from which to better deal

America, idea of goodness
Math, computer programming,
Civil rights movement, race and gender
Marijuana, woodstock, lennon
The Problem of Three Hats

Humans at base of net

Broadband Strategy for Jamaica
Knit the diaspora together
Spark industry

Embassy opens: Patterson agreed to Zeng’s proposals, saying they are practical and feasible. He hoped that Jamaica’s cooperation with China will be reinforced in infrastructure, sports and the entertainment industry and his country expects to coordinate with China in international economic affairs.

Varmus and Casey

There is a mystery in my life i have not solved. i feel i’m running out of time to solve it. it’s big enough so that solution would wash away all past disappointments. i feel time draining me down the pipe of life , and think of you, ivy, taken from me by cancer. sitting across from me last night a doctor, a man who grew up near fern, who went to the same temple, who honored the same spiritual leader, who smiles at me through a fuzzy mustache, his hair wispy brown strands against his bald pate, and casey next to him with an oped in the Times today about amber waves of grain.

we spoke of open access peer review, a principle at the core of academia, take it as a conceptual idea, evidence of it in wikipedia and inference that wikipedia is just the first of stunning conceptual leaps to come in the architecture communication among willing contributors. constitute ourselves an academic universe. judge ourselves and organize ourselves to produce common wealth.


hi ivy
fern was a star in my class yesterday, quiet, cool, friendly, wise, just the example i wanted my students to see, a model of how to think constructively about the adversary process. don’t miss the forrest for the trees. we are talking first law, then trial, then truth, then rape. fern starts at the top, looking from the viewpoint that sees the rhetorical space as the set of beliefs each side holds; two necker mountains.

ivy, link to eon, my sister, my child. The mountain of male belief, the mountain of female belief. You are our sons and daughters. Read your feedback memos. Sort and mix and cut and paste.

What did fern say was the function of trial?

now is the time


email with me may show up on my blog
unless privacy requested

IVY – It’s the tags.

Over there on the right, led by berkmania – if i tag for ivy i can express the ivy thread. ivy, my niece, spirit of my sister. Courtney is ivy’s daughter and ivy’s mother.

From: “Courtney Ogg-Mancuso” courtneyogg
To: nesson
Subject: Hello
Date: Sat, 12 Nov 2005 22:21:19 -0500

Hi Charlie –

Terribly busy weekend – figure I give email a go.

How are you? So glad to hear your voice.
We are entrenched in being a growing family. Ivy is loving 1st grade. Ty and I are having a ball with the last of our pre kindergarten days. Ivy’s school PTO continues to suck me in. Mark is wonderful, golfed today in RI. He received a recent promotion at work and is busy performing a ton of new duties. We just made a trip to Honeypot Orchards in Stow for the annual picking of apples (my favorite) and I enclosed two shots of the kids. They are wonderful.

Hope your clan is well. I look often at the save the date card Leila kindly sent. You and Fern made everyone feel so warm and welcome at Becca’s party, I can hardly wait to do it again at Leila’s.

Please say hello to Fern for me.

What are you working on lately?


Your files are attached and ready to send with this message.


Kevin’s Message: Can Jamaica be Saved?

In the year 2000 I went into the prison to partake in what has evolved into an upward movement of the minds of those incarcerated. I had no idea as to where we would end up. All I knew is that I wanted to do something positive. It was with that intention that I went to the prison each and every time. There were times when there was no place for us to meet and we met anyway. Sometimes it was under a tree other times it was in some little corner of the prison. I never gave up on the program and it’s possibilities. I saw very quickly the difference it made in the lives of those were participating, and that included me. Each time we met I walked away knowing that something amazing just happened. For those of us who were present we were never to be the same again that to me was enough to keep going back.

How can jamaica be saved? Can it be saved? And can SET play a role?

The answer is yes to all the above. Imagine for a moment a Jamaica that has adopted the principals of SET. A Jamaica that has decided that in order to move forward all it’s citizens must be given a voice and an opportunity to play a role in the development of there communities. Imagine a Jamaica where the people realize that they are the government and stop thinking of the government as being something that exists outside of them. What a Jamaica that would be. The idea of getting into politics is one way of getting this done however I do not think we should even think along the lines of politics, reason being the ignorance that seems to follow that seems to follow that word might just follow us aground too. But what about this idea:

What if we could get people to buy into the SET concept as a way of life and, just like the church, SET could become a movement, and just like we have our weekly meetings with the different SET groups in the prisons, the same way we cold have meetings with the individuals involved in the SET movement. And then slowly but surely we could create waves that would take Jamaica by storm.

Think about it. Those among us that can’t read and write, we would get them up to speed. Those who can read and write would teach those who can’t.

Charley think for moment what we do in the prisons now and imagine for a moment using that same concept to change Jamaica, one community at a time.

Non-denominational non-threatening absolutely powerful.

You had a vision of me being the pastor of the church, well here is how I see it happening.

I can see the headlines now: “ The SET movement takes Jamaica by storm.” There would be SET centres in every corner of Jamaica. That Charley I know is possible. If it can work in a prison, it can work in a school, if it can work in a school, it can work in a community, if it can work in a community it can work in a Nation.
Wow, Wow, Wow

Independence Day

On July 4 I was in Umbria, Italy, with Fern, Leila and Sebastian, listening to one recording while recording another. Here’s freedom.mix.