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Monthly Archive for June, 2010

US Copyright Group Spamigation

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: K.A.D. Camara

Date: Thu, Jun 3, 2010 at 10:04 AM
Subject: Re: US Copyright Group Spamigation – Invitation to fight
To: sikkim, Charles Nesson

We would be willing to represent a defendant willing to stand for all the other defendants as class representative. We have discussed this with eon, the dean of cyberspace.


On Wed, Jun 2, 2010 at 11:59 PM,

Dear Mr. Camara,

As you, no doubt, already know, there is a quiet wave of racketeering-like civil actions filed by a Virginia law firm of Kurtz, Dunlap, Grubb, and Weaver (also known as US Copyright Group). The massive scale of this fishing net is horrifying. “Pay us or we will sue” in absence of any real evidence seems to be predatory. For people who are innocent, the threat of a lawsuit alone is enough to start borrowing money from friends to pay to make this go away, although who can be sure that the agreement they are signing is anything but an invitation to further shake-downs?

You are a famous person in cyberspace. Your willingness to work pro bono on the lawsuit opposite of RIAA is impressive. In the age when attorneys side with big companies at the expense of the average Joe, your work is uplifting, to say the least.

Are there real remedies for the innocent average Joe or is paying these scumbags $1,500 (or $2,500 – if one does not respond within 21 days from the receipt of the first settlement letter) all one can do? This seems like an impossible preposition, especially in a country that claims to be equitable and money- and color- blind.

Do you still do pro bono? Someone has to take a stand. Could this be you?

Why is national news silent on this? Why doesn’t New York Times publish something? Why is all this so quiet? With a reported 50,000 people being milled in this machine, why isn’t there a massive outcry? This is not justice, this is extortion!

Please talk to me, am I the only one outraged by this?