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Monthly Archive for April, 2010


Great dinner last night at Marty Peretz house, following a showing of the upcoming HBO movie, Sergio. We spent time at the dinner wondering what the two sentence follow-on should be to best present Sergio to the public, but didn’t really get very far. Cass Sunstein, there in his role as Samantha Powers’ spousal partner, otherwise very quiet in the evening, suggested, “An American Story.” That seems odd at first, since Sergio was a man from Rio, a champion of the United Nations, yet also fitting as a description of this movie, which had as its stars not Sergio but two American soldiers in Iraq and a beautiful woman from Argentina. In one sense this film is a search-and-rescue story. In another, a love story, touching and complicated. Yet finally and ultimately, perhaps, an American story, set in Bagdad in May 2003. There are those seeing this film who will want to know more about Sergio, the charismatic figure at the center of the story, a man whose adventures and intellectual trajectory took him from Rio to the streets of Paris when he was a young student with radical politics studying in Paris at the Sorbonne to the plight of refugees displaced by genocides and wars. There will be those who want more of the love story.

I want more of the fine conversations that came following, and the fine company. Thank you Marty.

i am awake!

fern created a beautiful and eloquent book, i am awake!
and received a remarkable opening review from Head Butler

ubiquitous city

What is ubiquitous about the ubiquitous city? — not that it is big, not that it is compact, not that it confronts fewer greenfields and larger populations. All of those are familiar factors, subject to sequential growth. All have been dealt with in the past in smaller compass. None of them is new. What then is new about the ubiquitous city?

The ubiquity of cyberspace is new.


yes indeed!



pictures of whitney at sixteen
pictures of sibley and camara representing her.

this is a story that goes back to my torts class, 2002,
when a brilliant student of mine got hurt for putting his class notes up on the net and where a bullying email to a victim in the class led to anguish blamed on him and how that cost him his academic career and pushed him into law practice with a classmate defending innocent and unjustly burdened people.

consider this media for the law firm, should we ask sibley and camara to sponsor the film? further question for the question tool, itself a pedagogical invention capable of taking socratic dialog to new dimension.

how to save the light. post it. put it in format to allow others to follow the story. make the answers to the questions clickable. fill in framework.

knot crazy1, bring it on home