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21 October 2006

Tangerine and iTunes (Mac people)

Hey, this is pretty cool.

I have a ton of tracks in my iTunes library. 3763, to be quite exact. Which iTunes tells me is 10.5 days of music.

I often set my iPod on random when I go to the gym, and mark the peppy gym tracks so that I can use them to keep moving on the elliptical or whatever I’m doing.

Tangerine is a great little app that analyzes your library (really fast), sees how many beats per minute your tracks have, how intense those beats are, and then lets you make up a playlist based on that info. Totally cool.

I’m so gonna go to the gym, after my little nap…. At least I have a playlist. And I can make one for naptime, too.

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One Response to “Tangerine and iTunes (Mac people)”

  1. Zaak Says:

    Thanks for the headsup on Tangerine. I love it. I’ve got 37.3 days in iTunes (includes the New Testament and other audio books, but mostly music).

    In high school, one of the board members wouldn’t let us listen to music with “a beat” because it would mess with our heart rates.