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2 May 2006

Fun in the Sun

Tire swingingYesterday was “Thropstalk” here in the house. It’s our get out and play in the outdoors for some fun event. Tire swings (you can see me and BF here on the one), giant Twister (I was the winner in “Tutor Twister”), and general fun.

Fightin' it outSo there was also Sumo wrestling, of a sort. In essence, as you can see, we put on suits that simulated the girth of Sumo wrestlers and which had enough padding to make sure nothing hurt. The fellow you see there on the left is Steve Rosen, aka Winthrop Master Rosen, aka my dissertation chair. Out of three, he won two bouts, but I finally figured out how to win by sidestepping his sumo weight on the third try. Given another, I think I might have come out on top.

‘Course, it may be good for my career that I didn’t. *grin*

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