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29 October 2005

First couple of days with a new computer

So I’ve had the new Powerbook for a couple of days now.  Some quick impressions:

  • The size is actually pretty nice.  It can feel a bit small
    at times, but for about the same price as the difference between the
    two models I was considering, I can get a 17″ or 19″ monitor and
    external keyboard (already having an external wired mouse).  But
    once I get  a little carrying case, the portability seems quite
    nice.  That said, if Apple released a 14″ PB when the intels come
    out (same size as the big iBook), I’d be interested….
  • OS X is better than I thought.  I love Spotlight.  This
    is the feature that’s like Google Desktop on WinXP.  Type in a
    word or phrase, and it pulls up every file where that occurs, not just
    in the title but also in the actual contents….  For example,
    “jelly” brings up 9 files.  Weird and totally cool.
  • The transfer to OS X was prety easy.  All my documents came
    right over, since much of my work is on MS Office.  My Eudora data
    was a bit harder, but I found a set of programs at Andreas Amann’s site to deal with the transition from Eudora (even Windows Eudora) to Apple Mail.  Specifically, Eudora Mailbox Cleaner
    not only converts Eudora mailboxes, but it also converts the nickname
    database into a format that Address Book in OS X can easily deal with.
    (BTW, is Apple Mail in an interchageable format?  Does any reader
    • In essence, I got most of my stuff moved off my external hard
      drive to the Powerbook AND set up most of how I want to work in about
      three or four hours.  Not hard at all.

More to come as I encounter it.

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3 Responses to “First couple of days with a new computer”

  1. Tim Gaden Says:

    No, it isn’t in a compatible standard. Before Tiger, Apple Mail used a more or less standard version of the unix mbox format. But in Tiger emails are stored as individual emlx files, in part so that Spotlight can index them.

    You can use a conversion utility to get them back to the mbox standard though.

  2. Grubb Says:

    How much does the Powerbook cost?

  3. Nate Says:

    They retail for $1499, but Amazon has been running a $150 rebate for a little while. Check out for the current best deals.