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19 June 2005

If only you knew the power of the deep fried

Liberated from Target last night: Darth Tater.

Posted in Ev'rything But the Sink on 19 June 2005 at 11:43 am by Nate

Why the poor law students are poor

It’s the coffee that’s doing itDavid Adesnik (over at Oxblog) provides an appropriately shrill commentary.

Has no one taught these people about relative comparisons?  $4500
on a $115,000 debt is 3.9 percent of that debt.  Now, go to any
bar near a law school, such as we have here in Cambridge or back in
Berkeley, and see how many law students are there.  (There’s one
bar here, with a rep as “the law school bar,” which keeps me and many
friends away from it.)  But how much per week do these students
drop on beer and cocktails.  A lot more than $15.  And from
what I have seen, the atmosphere of law schools sort of officially
encourages this behavior, because it develops “social and networking
skills.”  Right.

What about laundry?  Perhaps students, instead of wasting money on
machines, could just get a washboard and do their clothes in the
kitchen sink.  That’d save more money.

I get the point about saving money, but it’s not the particular items
that are the problem.  It’s the approach, and I bet Kirsten
Daniels’ money problems are more related to her bad savings and
spedning habits than just to the purchase of coffee.

Posted in Ev'rything But the Sink on 19 June 2005 at 10:46 am by Nate