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9 May 2005

The IR Rumor Mill

One of the problems with the academic world is that you never hear from
fellowships and job applications who received the position(s). 
Prurient curiosity plays a role, but it’s also useful to know, so that
you can have some idea of what the selection committee was looking for
(They may claim that they weren’t looking for anything in particular,
but if that were entirely true, they wouldn’t have selected someone).

Some intrepid person(s) have begun to solve this for my subfield, with the “IR Rumor Mill.” 
Here, you can post anonymously if you know who has received particualr
fellowships and jobs.  You can also post jobs that you know are
out there.

A bunch of my friends are listed getting fellowships for next year, at
all the high prestige places.  Which makes me think I need to push
for a pre-doc next year.  Which re-lights the fire under me just a
bit.  I’ve been feeling bedraggled by this paper, but I have got
to get it done so that I can finish up my proposal (which my committee
sounds like they’re ready to approve soon–so many conditionals there!)
and get cracking on a data set this summer.

I like my work, but it does sometimes worry me that it never
ends.  One member of my committee seems to be working absolutely
every waking hour, and I don’t think I’m cut out for 14 hours of work
per day.  Sounds too much like the “iron cage” of the “spirit of

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One Response to “The IR Rumor Mill”

  1. andrew Says:

    but why only for IR? those of us in theory are, as you well, know, even less employable. where’s our rumor mill website? huh?