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25 January 2005

95 bucks

Of course, right now I say I won’t pay the $95.  But I know that I will end up paying the 95 bucks, especially since I doubt I’ll get floor admission.

Anyone else think they’re going?  Anyone want to buy tickets with me?

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2 Responses to “95 bucks”

  1. pp Says:

    Just go. I only paid $25 when I saw them at Dodger Stadium for Achtung Baby. I still remember the night, the show, most of the set list and that was ten years ago. $100.00 is a good dinner out and you won’t remember that next month. Like my college motto….
    You can always retake a class, youy can’t re-live a good party.

  2. Nate Says:

    I know. And I think I’ll do it. It’s just that $100 hurts when you’re living on a grad student salary.

    And in my life, $100 is about four good dinners out.