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14 May 2004

Varied and miscellaneous

So I’m catching up on some links and such that I find interesting.  First, there’s Kartoo,
which is a visual interface search engine.  In people terms, that
means that it does a search of other search engines and then displays
the results in a map format, showing you the relationship between the
different results.  It takes some getting used to, and the
designers could provide some better documentation on how to read the
maps (you’ve gotta learn by trial and error), but it’s very interesting.

Second, there’s’s Musicvine
This is similar.  Type in the name of a musical artist, and it
will show you a map of “related” artists, sorted by affinity, musical
sound, and popularity.  It’s really kind of fun to find out that
you’re not as special and unique in your musical tastes as you think
you are, as Ryan found out the other day.  (Thanks to him for this link.)

Got more to talk about, especially this week’s episode of the West Wing a bit later.

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