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12 March 2004

Just a couple of links….

AKMA posts an excellent summary of the MAJOR problem with the theology of substitutionary atonement, especially as portrayed by Mel Gibson.

New York Times noted the following, in an article about President
Bush’s address to the National Association of Evangelicals meeting:

One of the few discordant notes at the convention came
from Robert Schuller, a televangelist and senior pastor of the Crystal
Cathedral in Garden Grove, Calif., who delivered an address gently
criticizing some conservative evangelical Christians for acting as if
they know the only possible route to salvation.

upsets me about religious leaders of all faiths is that they talk like
they know it all, and anybody who doesn’t agree with them is a
heretic,” he said later in an interview.

Mr. Schuller said he
did not know enough about the proposed amendment banning same-sex
marriage to express a view. But he suggested that politics could be a
distraction from more important matters.

“Politics is a force that pulls answers towards mediocrity,” he said, “That is why when issues are politicized, I am gone.”

I had to say that this surprised me, coming from such a publicly prominent and vocal evangelical preacher.

Posted in OnTheWeb on 12 March 2004 at 3:20 pm by Nate