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14 February 2004

Evangelical Christians and gays, united on one point….

A note on the controversy regarding an American Airlines pilot who evangelized over the PA system.

Quote from Christianity Today weblog:
“Amazingly, only one publication was able to score an interview with
Findiesen himself. Even more amazing, that publication is The Advocate,
a gay magazine—editor-in-chief Bruce C. Steele was on the flight. Even
more amazing: The Advocate’s article is fair, even positive, toward
Findiesen’s actions.”

Now what’s so amazing about the fact that the Advocate was fair? 
It’s no more surprising that the Advocate conducted fair reporting than
that CT might be able to conduct fair reporting.  Both are
issue-oriented magazines, intended for very particular audiences that
both see themselves out of the mainstream.  (Frankly, the Advocate
and CT share more in common with each other than with mainstream
publications like the New York Times.)  If CT can be “objective”
or “fair” in its reporting, why can’t the Advocate?

Is there something about gays that makes them more prone to project
bias than evangelical Christians? What are we to think of such
“reporting” on CT’s part?

Posted in OnTheWeb on 14 February 2004 at 7:09 pm by Nate