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25 August 2003

Blogging in the College Classroom

I’m serving as the teaching assistant for an International Law class
this spring.  My advisor teaches it, and I have done this
particular class twice before.

I’d like to add a blogging component to the class this time around, and
I’ve been searching out sites that talk about blogging in the classroom
and how one can effectively use it as a component of learning.  I
should be clear — I do not want to supplant traditional discussion
sections with a web-based “bulletin board.”  But I want the online
content to be vital and continuing for the students.  In other
words, they shouldn’t post or contribute because they have to.  I want them to want to, just like we bloggers want to do this.

I know some of you readers out there might have some ideas about
this.  Can you drop me a comment or an e-mail with your
suggestions or websites on how to do this effectively?

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