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Posted by: jaimegarciapulido | 28th Mar, 2019


100 white candles: he is the oldest poet of this world. The youngest librarian ever, working from 9 to 7, monday to sunday. Once upon a time, he set up the City Lights Bookstore to publish and promote the Beatnik Generation. Gingsberg, Kerouac, Burroughs and Corso are poets because of him. Self-service dead poets society. The old Lawrence (New York, 24th march 1919) is the last survivor of this bizarre gang. San Francisco wouldn`t be S.F. without all of their scandals. America wouldn`t be America without their amendment to The Constitution. Simple as that.

100 black candles: he is the oldest demon of this movement, made up of free verses, flammable flags and human rights fights. However, he is an angel smiling, when he speaks about his new novel Little Boy. This is supposed to be an autobiographical book. His golden memories in the land of the Golden Gate Park. He stopped smoking weed, as a matter of fact. In the meantime, he sells books, speaks about books, reorders books on the shelves, has lunch with spaguetti… The Millennials and the Microchip Generation are their customers. 

Long live The Poet & Librarian, to coin the expression!

100 red candles, now you know why.


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