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A jaw-dropping tale of technical bullying


Much has been said in recent days about the strong-arming tactics of groups like the RIAA and MPAA who, in an overzealous attempt to trounce piracy, often end up hurting their customers and painting everyday people as ‘bad guys’. One of the tools they’ve used has been a company called MediaDefender; a company whose tactics are, IMHO, rather questionable both legally and morally.

Well, it seems they’ve really outdone themselves this time by sabotaging the livelihood of online media network Revision3. Read the whole sordid tale as told by Revision3’s Jim Louderback here: Inside the Attack that Crippled Revision3
(And I do encourage you to read the whole thing… and then pick your jaw up off the floor…)

“[Spoofing is] an appropriate response to the problem of peer-to-peer piracy,” and “a self-help measure that is completely lawful … I think it would be crazy if record labels, or motion picture studios or any other owners of content didn’t take advantage of those kinds of measures.”
–Cary Sherman, President, RIAA, June 2002 (quote found on MediaDefender’s website)

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