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How to beat Iran’s pipeline strategy

From Gal Luft While Washington is mulling over what to do next in order to weaken Iran economically, this summer the Islamic Republic has taught us a lesson in strategic maneuvering, taking major steps to bolster its economy and geopolitical posture by positioning itself as an indispensable energy supplier to hundreds of millions of people.

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Isolate Iran’s regime

From Raymond Tanter President Obama continues to seek direct talks with Tehran in face of its suppression of Iranian oppositionists. But now is not the time to engage Tehran, given its violent suppression of the Iranian people and the American troop pullback from Iraqi cities. If President Obama extends a warm hand toward the clerical-military […]

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Making Mediterranean waves

From MESH Admin Today (Sunday) is the inaugural conference in Paris of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM). French President Nicolas Sarkozy, father of the idea, originally proposed a body independent of the EU, linking together all the states bordering the Mediterranean sea. He also proposed that the new Union take a lead in Arab-Israeli […]

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