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WBUR mourns the Boston Globe


New Link: Scott Lehigh asks readers to “have a say” in saving the Globe.
WBUR reports (that story says Monica Brady-MyerovMeyerhoff “broke” the story, though clearly several others got it at similar times including the Globe itself) that the NY Times is threatening to close the Boston Globe if its unions don’t give major concessions.
Boston Globe Truck
This morning on Morning Edition, ‘BUR’s Bob Oakes moped aimlessly about this tragedy for nearly 6 minutes with Lou Ureneck from BU’s Journalism School. I wanted to yell at the radio. Instead I tweeted:

Soo sick of people (Lou Ureneck and Bob Oakes on @wbur) complaining about people getting their news “for nothing” on the Internet.

and went on my merry way. Later, I got some supportive tweets from folks (thank you @katrinskaya and @KatPowers) and a polite, diplomatic tweetback from WBUR (it must suck to be a corporate twitterer sometimes):

To @fonchik & others: The “listener line” is open. Please feel free to comment on the story here. Thanks for the feedback.

So I grudgingly signed up for Utterli (barriers to commenting, grr) and posted this mini-rant:

IT’S NOT ABOUT NEWSPAPERS GOING OUT OF BUSINESS, people. The Boston Globe and other newspapers can (already are and likely will continue to) fail to do all the things people like Lou Ureneck (you misspelled his name above, btw) want them to do (and I do too!) whether they stay in business or not. We need to reframe this whole debate urgently based on a better understanding of how news media work:
— newspapers do more origin

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