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Business model – what’s yours?


My fellow fellow and Global Voices co-founder and general genius Ethan Zuckerman has summarized a discussion he and I and several others had recently about business models that might support investigative and/or international journalism. His blog posting with a list of 12 has sparked a dialogue – I urge you to throw your two eurocents in, especially if you’re working on a project that attempts to solve the funding problem. My two faves so far are cross-subsidy (the Economist model) and translation as cross subsidy.

The focus of this discussion is specifically on how to support investigative journalism and/or international coverage, but we’re interested in business models to support all kinds of quality news and  information. For contrast, you might look at Jeff Jarvis’ recent musings on new business models for newspapers, which is interesting even if it violates my “It’s not about saving newspapers” rule.

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