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Where is the best glossary on this stuff?


(This stuff being citizen/participatory/etc. media)

There are lots and lots out there, I’m sure this is only the beginning. Does every new project need its own?

The Online Journalism Review has a glossary of online news terms that is wondrously compact (only 19 terms) and yet manages to include “sock-puppetry.”

The New Media Glossary at ipressroom seems mostly aimed at teaching its clients what its services are.

Ourmedia’s Social Media Glossary is mostly straightforward, but I find their definition of personal media as “grassroots works such as videos and audio” a bit weird.

Not clear to me how or why Ipod made it into Mediashift’s brief glossary

The British Freedom of Express Project Glossary is interesting, venturing out into democracy, telecom companies and multilaterals, though sadly missing sock puppetry.

Then there’s the wiki-based Glossary on participatory journalism created for the (now-defunct, as far as I know) Media Center at API, which would seem like the right form, except it doesn’t look like folks are updating it much these days.

So is an individually tailored glossary simply a necessary part of any project about participatory media, a way of telegraphing priorities and positions? If so, should it be focused specifically on terms used in the work at hand that may not be familiar to some members of the target audience? Or is there still a need for a(nother) standalone glossary of terms aimed at being definitive?

More to come on this.

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  1. Geld Lenen

    January 8, 2008 @ 6:26 pm


    How funny, media republic is also a Dutch company. And now am I as Dutchie at Harvard haha.

    But I see this is a weblog, are there courses in specific that focus on this topic or analyzing & researching of new media?

    Many thanks,


    The Netherlands

  2. Media Re:public

    January 11, 2008 @ 9:47 am


    Hello Geld,

    To the best of my knowledge, there are not yet courses on this at Harvard, there’s a lot of work going on at places like Annenberg “East” and “West”

    What does media republic the Dutch company do?

    If you’re interested in this stuff, come to Berkman’s open house: