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May 4, 2012

Week 10

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“Complaint and Answer” was assigned for us as reading during the 10th week of classes. I found that this was one of the most compelling readings that we’d done all semester. The entire work is basically a plea to God, asking Him, why muslims are suffering the way that they are when they’ve done all that has been asked of him. The first pat of the work was written some years before the second half was published. Between the two sections, there is tremendous growth, on the part of the author, for he is able to answer all of the questions that he had previously posed. These are some of the things that I kept in mind as I drew this picture.

On one end of the page I have depicted a man that appears to be an emotional wreck. This is in reference to the complaint portion. He has tears running down his face, his beard is scruffy and his hair is a complete mess, and he is asking, “why”. I wanted to juxtapose this mans suffering with his ultimate uplift so I drew the answer section just next to the complaint section. ┬áHere you have a man whose hair is neatly trimmed, his face is dry of tears and he now wears spectacles. I place these spectacles on his face in order to show where he has gotten his understanding from. The glasses represent God and the assurance and the sight that he has given not just this man, but muslims. It is the work of faith in God and his powers that helps us to cope with the hard times that come and give us hope for the good times that await.

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