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To Spanglish or not to Spanglish

April 28th, 2009 · 1 Comment

I’ve started to play with the idea of writing a blog for various reasons:
– I’ve used to write a lot when I was younger; life, occupations and laziness have gotten in the way of my “prose”, so much I can’t even remember when was the last time I wrote something different to an email, a white paper, business-related document or a college essay. I’ve felt the urge to remedy that.


– Thanks to my job I get to meet, see and learn a great deal of interesting people, places and variety of topics. I am afraid they can “get lost” in my memory if I don’t have a place to record them and look at them from time to time. We live in such changing times that “time capsules” become obsolete from one week to the other.

– I don’t have the discipline to write a diary or my “memoirs” ,therefore, I found it a convenient way to post from time to time things that interest me or remarkable experiences

I am currently working on a project that requires significant travel (time) so finally an excuse to put the mind to work on something different than work…!

-It was a great way to practice my written Spanish as I will let my mother tongue flow freely into words…. Or that’s what I thought…

I started to write my first post about the social media in Spanish, I work in marketing and communications which I love, therefore it’s a topic I am quite passionate about. But as I was trying to translate the business jargon of “social media”, “target”, etc, I’ve realized the task was proven more difficult than initially have though… as evident on my first post grammar, that I am sure will not pass a RAE test…and this one will not pass the “Oxford” either… for that matter

So I wonder, in which language should I keep this blog? I work in English, I live in French and my mother tongue is Spanish… Is this globalized world making us lose all our identity? Is it not enough that we find the same stores from Buenos Aires to Kathmandu – I need to talk about this one day – that we are also loosing the ability to express ourselves articulately …as my friend Quique would say: “I haven’t really learnt French, my English is bad and I am losing my Spanish…soon I will not be able to communicate at all!”

After giving it a bit of thought I’ve realized that the audience of my blog will be quite limited: basically ME (and my mom if I post some fun pictures or videos, in Spanish of course) and I’ve stopped worrying. I will write my blog in whatever language I feel like, depending on the story I wish to tell myself. After all it’s my time capsule and I live-and feel- the world in many captions.




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  • Ale // Jun 7th 2009 at 8:40 pm

    Hooola! Muy bueno tu post!
    Y muy cierto… en este mundo globalizado… nos perdemos bastante en medio de la vorágine…

    Viste que además de “our mather”, alguien más escribió ;D

    Te quiero!