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Peace and Islam

dove islam

One common misconception about Islam, particularly in places like the US, is that it is a violent faith. On the first day of class we discussed this misconception and how many often conflate the actions of extremists to represent the entire religion. However, examining the actual religion, we see that Islam is a very peaceful and beautiful religion. The governing scripture of the religion, the Qu’ran, is a piece of exquisite poetry, emphasizing the love for God.

To visualize this concept, I have used the word “islam” to form the body of a dove. The dove is the stereotypical image for peace. By forming the dove with the word, I comment that Islam is actually a religion of peace. To further emphasize this point, I use the word “love” to form the back wing of the dove. So, not only is Islam a faith of peace, it is also a faith of love.

In the design, I use all capital letters. In doing so, it is unclear whether the body of the dove says “islam” or “Islam.” The lowercase word simply reflects the “submission” to god, and thus includes all of those who believe in one god. As such, the dove can represent Christians, Jews, and Muslims. If we interpret the word as “Islam,” then I am commenting on the religion of Islam. I choose to include this ambiguity to show the similarities to Christianity and Judaism, as well as to blur the distinctions between these faiths.

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