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The Beautiful Names of Allah

allah word names

In this image, I present the word Allah, meaning God, in Arabic script. This was inspired by the calligram assignment and also the calligraphy described in class. Text plays an integral part in many forms of Islamic art. The Qu’ran is revered by its followers for its use of language. The text itself is poetry. As such, it follows that the art in the Islamic tradition also include written words.

The Arabic letters are made of the words used to describe Allah in the Quran. One aspect of the Qu’ran is its poetic nature. As such, throughout the scripture, god is referred to by several beautiful and figurative names. These names have come to be referred to as the “Beautiful Names of Allah.” The piece is relatively simple, with the names of Allah in a simple black sans serif font on a white background. The image is meant to invoke simplicity, as is the love for God.

I chose to use the English translations of the words instead of the Arabic words in order to make the piece more accessible. The use of the two languages in the image represents the diversity in the followers of Islam. God and his beauty transcend, in turn, barriers set by language.

By presenting the beautiful names of Allah in English, I also attempt to counter islamophobia in English speaking areas. Many hold the incorrect belief that Islam is violent faith, due to its connection to extremists. However, this piece attempts to emphasize the belief that the god in the Islamic faith is kind, caring, and good.

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