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Live blog of discussion of view ability: Panelists: Joe Barone, GroupM Mark Howard, Forbes Rachel Herskovitz, American Express Michael Iantosca, Integral Ad Science Viewability is the new norm, there is only going forward. It is important to talk about where we are going to go with that. How impacts global and video. There is a […]

Live Blog of today’s conference if it wasn’t for ads we wouldn’t be able to make news happen we know we are covering news that people aren’t covering carrot creative and we grew to a 100 person more importantly our revenue is going to something that is kind of awesome being a digital a we […]

how do you take a start-up that became the



Ever so often, I’ve had too much technology and I have to unplug, just to regroup and recenter. When I sit in on weekly meetings with my co-conspirator, sometimes he’ll say to me, let’s have a raw meeting. Yes, a raw meeting: no technology, no phones or laptops, just me, him and a pen and […]

Every woman has it in her to appreciate beauty. Her interpretation of beauty might differ, but the the capacity for appreciation remains. I’m not quite sure how one’s appreciation for self-beauty erodes after time here at Harvard, but here we venture to cherish the things that make a girl physically beautiful, intellectually gorgeous and fantastic […]