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about me

The world of creativity revealed itself to me in words. I wrote poetry and it was as if I could see the text from the inside, spread out to me like a picture or a drawing. A strong visual sensation accompanied the text and would often take wings, grab the brush and start a conversation with the canvas and my inner soul – an intimate dialogue that was all colors.

That’s how a drawing was born for me.

Later on, words came to follow the painting, so they appear next to it, over it, at the bottom, forming one whole creation. Most of the writing is based on my personal experiences as well as verses from biblical sources. This is what I call Bible Love & a love that draws from a continuing study of the Bible and Judaism, including instruction at seminars titled “From Adam we came, to Adam we shall return” ( Yehuda Amichai ).

I use mostly acrylic paints on canvas as well as various other materials, while diverting also to industrial paints, especially on my long journeys to the East.

In the last two years I have been sculpting on iron and cement, a technique I learned in a gallery for the mentally disturbed where I volunteered for about three years. It’s as if by chance the characters reveal themselves to me, and they have something to say too

I have published four children books and two poetry books (for adults)

ליאורה לבהר יהלום            Liora Levhar Yahalom
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