Liana began her career as a software engineer where she wrote finance, patient management, and nonprofit donor software. Later she fought malware in collaboration with Google and the Harvard Berkman Center, developed Facebook games for millions of concurrent users with Jon Radoff, and improved employee engagement driven by behavioral science at WeSpire.

Transitioning into product management at MeYou Health, she collaborated closely with large insurance plans and hospitals to deliver well-being solutions, evolved the identity and account management platform, and earned NCQA accreditation for the company’s proprietary health risk assessment. Later, her work at the Boston Transit Authority became a 2019 Webby Honoree in the Government & Civil Innovation website category.

Currently at Woebot Health, she is thrilled to oversee the product strategy and roadmap for enterprise solutions to empower customers to better understand their patients in real time and provide unprecedented access to validated mental health solutions.

Outside of work, Liana enjoys mentoring others and facilitating meet-ups for women in technology including Railsbridge Boston, Boston Ruby Women and Women in Games. She is still known in engineering circles for adding vocals to technical presentations at Wicked Good Ruby and RailsConf 2014.

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