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No Screen Coding Toy – MangoBot


Today with the rapid advancement of technology, screens are everywhere and are used by younger and younger children. Research shows that early use of screens leads to speech delay and hinders socio-emotional development of young children.

Some parents may even believe that having kids play on the screen from early on would help make them smarter. WRONG. The most critical factors that support a child’s healthy cognitive and emotional development have to do with the presence and companionship of parents, or main care givers. They learn language by speaking and being responded to. They learn to manage their emotions by their experiences with warm and responsive adults. Nothing can replace the role of parents or main care givers in the early development of a child.

Instead of helping, screens tend to replace a child’s time to interact with adults and peers and time to experience relationships. Digital response on a screen could be so quick and exact that a child loses interest to wait for and process the real world’s sometimes slow and ambiguous responses.

I’m also a mother of a 33 month old. My first and foremost wish for MangoBot is to give my little one something he deserves. If by doing it MangoBot could also benefit other children, then why not.

If you are also a mother and are reading this, please do reach out (link to contact page) to me if you have any feedback or concerns. We hope to make MangoBot better together with you.

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