Releasing a C. diff guide

Last month, my publishing company released its first title about a health-related topic: C. Diff In 30 Minutes: A Guide To Clostridium Difficile For Patients & Families. C. diff is an obscure term, but it refers to a common bacterial infection that affects the lower intestine. C. diff in hospitals is a serious problem, and the incidence of C. diff has nearly quadrupled in the past 20 years in the United States, as the following chart shows:

C Diff Hospitals: 1993-2009

Even though C. difficile is a relatively common infectious disease (see What Is C. Diff?) there are limited online resources for patients and families. As of this writing, there is only one other book about the topic available on Amazon.

C. difficile book about C. diff

The importance of a C. diff expert

The author of C. Diff In 30 Minutes is my father Thomas Lamont, a gastroenterologist and Harvard researcher who has seen thousands of patients suffering from the ailment. Last year, as I was getting In 30 Minutes guides off the ground, he offered to write this title. I gladly accepted — I’ve been interested in expanding beyond pure software and technology topics, and this would allow me to evaluate how niche topics fare in the health field. Because of his busy schedule, it took some time to release C. Diff In 30 Minutes, but both of us are proud of the result. You can order the C. Diff book here, either as a paperback or as an ebook that can be read on a Kindle, iPad, Nook, or other e-reader.

In addition, I am working on another health-related In 30 Minutes guide. It is also oriented toward patients and families, but does not get into treatments or causes of the disease (sadly, this other ailment cannot be treated). The author is someone who spent more than a decade caring for a sick parent, and not only has expert insights into care-related issues, but will also talk about the impact on families. I’ll reveal more information about the title when it’s released later this summer.