Online Journalists are Real Reporters

A California Court of Appeal ruled in favor of online journalists, holding that they have the same rights as other journalists. The Court ruled in favor of Jason D. O’Grady’s PowerPage and AppleInsider by overturning a trial court ruling requiring them to hand over confidential communications to Apple Computer regarding their publishing information about upcoming Apple products. You can read (a lot) more about this case at the Electronic Frontier Foundation Web Site’s resource page, including the full text of the opinion, as well as briefs and real audio of the oral argument. And you can read about the on the blogosphere from Eugene Volokh, Denise Howell, Bob Ambrogi and defendant Jason D. O’Grady.

You can also read the O’Grady, et al. v. Superior Court of Santa Clara County opinion on the California Courts Web site.

Peace – Tim

Online News I actually Read

As I continue my quest for a post a day, I am starting out with the easy stuff until i get into my groove. So I continue with another favorites post…. Here are my favorite news sites: The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, CNN and the San Jose Mercury News.

I have online subscriptions to both the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. I understand what the Wall Street Journal is doing, charging for high end news content while giving away the editorial content for free. But I have no idea why The New York Times is charging for access to its columnists. What a quick way to kill off their readership of the opinions of the left of center (and Brooks).

I read primarily for the home page stories. I check it more than most of the other news sites as it is updated more often. And I read the San Jose Mercury for the local business news and Bay Area news. Wish they still had Dan Gillmor, who just finished up writing some columns for the Financial Times (but is moving on again…)

And of course I use Google News.

Peace – Tim

MacLaw and Other Mac Sites

Here are some Mac sites I use. First the site and the developer section.

For Lawyers, there is the MacLaw Yahoo! Group. This is one of the most active legal mailing lists around. Ask a question, get an answer. All Mac lawyers should beloing to this group/list. And Randy Singer of Mac Bible fame, has the MacAttorney Newsletter with over 5,000 subscribers.

And then there are the online Mac communities…. most of which are built around Mac Rumor sites. Of these there are 4 I read the most. gives an overview of all of the rumors out there. has a list of all the latest stories across all of the Mac sites, ThinkSecret often has many of the earliest rumors and is produced by Harvard undergrad Nick Ciarelli. Finally As the Apple Turns is just fun to read and often has information first not found on the other sites. For many more Mac rumor, fix it, Powerbook and IPod sites, see the bottom of the home page of MacSurfer which lists most of these Web sites.

Peace – Tim